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Victor 3 runs 12.36 Best

Victor G sets his new 2016 F150 Ecoboost fastest track time of [email protected] mph. Video Inside

SSi Performance Customer Victor lays it down at the track! Congrats to Victor G for his new personal best time [email protected] mph with his 2016 F150 Ecoboost 3.5.  Intake and SSi Performance tune only. That is FAST and Great 60 foot times! This run ranks up there in the top 10 of the Fastest F150 Ecoboost Track Times. Great job showcasing SSi Performance Tuning. Thank You Victor!  [wpdevart...

Dave 12.97

Congrats to Dave V for his fastest 11-14 F150 Ecoboost track time. Slips and Video inside.

SSi Performance Customer Dave V sets new personal best track time! A big Congrats goes out to Dave for his great run of [email protected] yesterday. After the run we realized it was the fastest 11-14 Super Crew track run ever.   To top it off this was his first time ever racing his truck at the track. This shows what can be done with the 11-14 models with some mods and custom tuning. Nice Job! ...

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Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost [email protected] Full Track Version Video

The Worlds Fastest Ecoboost F150 [email protected] Full Track Version Video. This is the Full Length Video of the Record Setting 11.7 F150 Ecoboost run by  Jesus Gastelum and Luis R. [wpdevart_youtube]Pe6WfARkX00[/wpdevart_youtube]

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Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost Record [email protected] mph by Jesus G

Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost Record [email protected] mph by Jesus G is SSi Performance Tuned! Congrats to SSi Performance customers Jesus G and Luis for this Record Smashing F150 Ecoboost 1/4 mile track time. This is the only F150 Ecoboost to ever run in the 11's. SSi Performance raises the bar and leads the way in ecoboost racing.  Our commitment is to place the racing customer in the best positi...

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