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#1 in Power, Drivability, MPGs, and Customer Satisfaction

When you want to talk Ecoboost Custom Tune

There is No better Ecoboost Custom Tuning than SSi Performance

When you truly need an Ecoboost Tuner there really is only one clear #1 choice to go with.

SSi Performance. Not all customers are the same so there is no “one tune” fits all tune.


A question that is asked is ..”what tunes do I pick?”. What we do is send you a version of SSi2 for whatever octane you have in that tank for starters. 95% of the people want no change however if you want that dialed up or down we accommodate what ever you like. If you want SSi4 or up we can make that happen. You want the Snow tune, Wifey tune, or the Old Man tune, we can do that as well. Most of you guys are speed junkies so I’m used to being asked to turn it up after a week or so. LOL. Don’t get all caught up into picking your tunes all at one time. SSi Custom tuning is the way you want it. All our tunes take into consideration your vehicles strategy strength and weakness, fuel, region, mods, elevation, driving style or multiple drivers preference, and more. Remember we have tunes for every application, octane, and mod you have. You have expectations? We will surpass that. We aren’t these jokers who have a one size shoe fits all tuning company because that doesn’t work.

All of SSi Performance Ecoboost Custom Tuning is designed around no lag turbo tuning with SSi1 and SSi2 throttle inputs. 80% of customers prefer SSi2. From these tuning foundations we can also change the throttle response, shifting firmness, shifting mph, and turbo rates. We can go from mild to wild depending upon the customer preferences. This is what custom tuning truly is.


How Does our Ecoboost Tuning Stack up?

Testimonials, Dyno Sheets, and Track Time Speak For Themselves.

SHO Dyno Compare

SSi is Red, LMS is Blue, Unleashed in Black ( Same customer vehicle / 2015 SHO )


Typical 2016 F150 3.5 Ecoboost Dyno Sheet

 Stock 274 hp / 385  trq   Tuned 429 hp / 610 trq

93 octane SSi2 run on 2016 3.5 F150 Ecoboost

SHO 1/4 Mile Track Comparison LMS vs SSi

 1/4 Mile Track Comparison from a Customer with out of the box performance tunes

Same vehicle, Same driver, Same day.  

LMS vs SSi SHO Runs


No matter if it is the grocery getter, work vehicle, weekend warrior, street racer or track star,

We have the the Tune for You. Make sure you check out our Ecoboost Tuning page here


shoSHO Racing2010 sho

There is a lot of information and planning that go into our Ecoboost Custom Tuning


Ecoboost Custom Tuning reality is that not every single vehicle tunes the same either so any tweaks that you may want we will accommodate that.  A lifted F150 lifted with 35’s requires different tuning that one with stock wheels and a leveling kit.

Got a SHO or Explorer Sport?  You may want a all in one tune that your significant other drives as well.

A high altitude tune is completely different than one close to sea level.  A tune for Southern California where is never snows will be different than one for someone in the northern states. 

If you live in a place like Florida or Louisiana where it is flat compared to the some places lik Colorado, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia the tuning for the transmission will also be slightly different.


11F150_FX4_SupCrew_Mud_PK1 (1)F150 Staging11F150_Towing_C24380-300x200



We make our Ecoboost Tuning as unique as your driving style


2012-ford-explorer-ecoboostExplorer Sport Racing






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