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SSi Tuned Dyno Results

SSi Tuned Dyno Results

This will give you a good examples of our capabilities and the makes & models we tune.

Although the dyno does not give a complete understanding of a tune it does give you an idea on basic performance gains.  When understanding a dyno comparison you want to see what rpm the power starts and how the gains are thru out the entire rpm band.  Do not focus on just the peak power numbers as that is such a small part of a dyno run. SSi tuned dyno results speak for themselves.

Typical 2016 F150 3.5 Ecoboost SSi tuned dyno results. No Mods, Tune only.

Here is a dyno sheet from Gear Heads in Texas. This is a out of the box basic SSi2 93 octane Performance tune they just loaded into the vehicle and ran.

2015 Ecoboost F150 SSi tuned dyno results: Peak Numbers are 429.5 HP & 610 ft lbs TRQ to the wheels.

What you really want to look at is the power “under the curve“.  We picked up 250 plus ft lbs of torque over stock just at 3200 rpm and picked up a sold 150 plus HP to the wheel from 3000 to 4000 rpm alone! This is reading a dyno sheet – Real SSi tuned dyno results

93 octand SSi2


Rich McGrath Dyno Compare with  3 tuners for his 2015 SHO

SSi , LMS, and Unleashed. Results speak for themselves

Rich has all these tuners products and went to the dyno for a compare. What better measuring stick could you have?

SSi is Red
Livernois (LMS) is Blue
Unleashed is Black



SSi tuned dyno results


Typical 2014 Explorer Sport Dyno runs. 93 Octane Performance

411 WHP and 384 Trq. 93 Octane Performance Tune

Explorer Sport Dyno


2018 F15 2.7 Ecoboost Dyno- Stock vs SSi Performance Tune on 93 Octane

Both done on 93 octane


2014 F150 3.5 Ecoboost – Stock vs 5 Star vs SSi

Stock vs 5 Star vs SSi dyno compare. All 93 octane out of the box no revisions. 2014 3.5 Ecoboost 37’s lifted.

……………. HP – TRQ
Stock ..  258.4 / 365.5
5 Star..  302.5 / 409.1
SSi……. 343.9 / 522.2

5 star vs SSi


Typical 2012 F150 3.5 Ecoboost 93 Octane

432 Horsepower & 581 Torque. 2 runs (different runs).


2013 Ecoboost


2013 Camaro SS 91 octane, Intake, Long Tunes, Cat Back.

441 Horsepower @ 433 Torque on 91 octane. The 402 run was when the car came in previously tune with intake & catback. Final Camaro 91




2013 F150 Ecoboost 3.5, 87 Octane Performance Tune

382 RWHP and 479 Ft lbs Trq



Typical 2005 5.4 results on 91 octane. No mods, Tune only.

256 rwhp & 309 ft lbs torque. 91 octane Cali. The peak numbers show a gain of  16 rwhp and 45 FT lbs of torque.

Now look at the gains at 3500 rpm. 100 ft lbs of torque and over 50 rwhp. The power “under the curve” on this bone stock truck is where you do most of your driving.


2006 5.4 3v


2012 Camaro N/A with Bolt ons

2012 Camaro RS with Long Tubes, Cat back, Intake, and Custom Tuning on 91 octane in Cali. Originally came in with another custom tune which is seen in the baseline.

441 rw hp & 433 trq.  Gains of over 75 hp and 75 ft lbs in the mid range.

2012 Camaro


2008 Z06, Long Tubes, Intake, Cam, & Custom Tune 91 Octane

571 rwhp & 514 ft lbs trq.
Eric Z06 91 octane

2010 C6 Z06 with Long Tubes, Intake, on 91 octane

492 rwhp / 462 Trq

91 octane Z06


2006 Viper with 6# Paxton Supercharger on 91 octane

692 rwhp / 599 ft lbs Torque. Bad Tire Spin on the dyno.
sc viper 91 octane


2012 F150 Ecoboost , out of the box SSi1 87 Octane

370 hp / 489 trq on a DynoJet
2012 F150 Eecoboost 87 octane SSi1

2008 SRT Jeep with Vortech 7# kit.  Cali 91 octane

553 hp  / 514 torque
stock SRT Jeep Vortech

2008 SRT Jeep, 413  with Vortech 7# kit- 91 octane

631 hp / 558 trq .  A real hand full on the dyno.

sc 413 srt8 jeep

2009 Cadillac CTS-V, 91 octane, Tune only.

511 rw / 538 Trq

ctsv 91 octane

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