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Ecoboost Tuning is what we do better than anyone.

Customer Satisfaction, Ecoboost Track Slips, Dyno Sheets, & Testimonials say it all.

All Ford Ecoboost 2.3, 2.7, & 3.5 Tuning Professionals.

If you need an Ecoboost Tuner you need to look no further


Ecoboost Tuning is not done better than SSi with F150, SHO, Explorer Sport, Mustang, Flex, Fusion, Edge, and more. When you are searching for a Ecoboost Tuner for your vehicle you need not look any further than SSi Performance. You have arrived at the best in the business.


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First off, there is a reason why people go from all the other Ecoboost Tuning companies to ours and they never go from ours to anyone else. We are in a league of our own in tuning any Ecoboost. In addition, our first priority is and always has been the health and safety of the vehicle while providing the customer with tuning excellence and second to none performance. The result is No Lag, Turbo tuning only offered by us.

Next, superior driving characteristics thru out the entire power band, including idle, part throttle, to wide open pedal is what we deliver with our ecoboost custom tuning. The power is always there at every throttle position. These tunes aren’t 1 gear run WOT dyno queens. These tunes are run and tested where it counts and road load data logged, tested, and fastest track times are the result.

All of our years of tuning experience with more tuning platforms and software platforms is the benefit and reward given to the customers.

We get a lot of FAQ’s that start something like this.

  • “Hi, so I’ve seen that you guys are really able to push the Ecoboost pretty hard. I’d like an aggressive tune, but is there anyway you can make sure it’s “safe”?

  • A valid question and concern and the answer is this. Our 20 plus years of experience goes into every tune we do. Health, safety, and longevity are our primary focus on every vehicle we tune.

  • All our tuning straight out of the box are safe and not “maxed out” by any means. They will be smooth, aggressive, and have great drivability. Now we are known for being the fastest but we are better known for the daily driver. Its just that the Record Speed Times get more publicity and those tunes are generally not out of the box maximized tunes.

  • If anyone wants a “Race” tune or higher maximized tune other than the standard SSi1 or SSi2 tuning I require a data log. No data log …no race tune. There are no exceptions. This is why there is SSi3 and SSi4. They require data logs. No data log…No race tunes or higher performance tunes from us. I started this almost 2 years ago because I DO NOT trust the customer with their own vehicle.

  • We do things safely, accurately, and responsibly. The health, safety, and longevity of the vehicle is out primary focus as 95% of our customers use their vehicles for work, daily driver, and grocery getter. The Go Fast guys just steal the headlines however, our daily drivers are not maxed out tuning by any means. More powerful and better drivers than the competitors for sure however not unsafe. We have a ton of safety items built into our tunes right out of the box.

  • I hope this helps people understand. Thanks.

Check out our  Ecoboost Custom Tuning page 

Some of the reason why SSi Performance is the Clear #1 choice for Ecoboost Tuning

1– SSi Ecoboost Tuning are the only ones to offer our signature “No Lag” Turbo tunes. No sloppy or lazy pedal and waiting for the power to come in and those turbos to spool up. There are no dead spots or flat spots anywhere in the power-band. Smooth predictable progressive power.

2-  Smooth Linear No Lag power from off idle right thru the entire power-band  for precise unequaled performance from drive by wire.

3-  Shifting characteristics so smooth it will feel like its from an electric vehicle. 

4-  POWER and MPGS!  The best power you can get at all throttle positions. Increased Fuel economy too.

SSi Performance Ecoboost Tuning Reality

We have so much more control over the drive by wire technology, turbos for all the Ecoboost platforms, and the entire tuning platform as a whole than any other tuner out there. Because of this, and more so than anyone else, it allows us to have many different performance versions of tunes. SSi1, SSi2, SSi3, SSi4, Tow, and Snow and sand.  These are built around our No Lag Turbo tuning with different levels of throttle input.

Our Ecoboost Tuning files are extremely powerful, smooth, linear, with an emphasis of the best shifting characteristics you can get. The added MPGs are just a bonus! The fastest track vehicles employ the same shifting strategies we use as in all our tunes. It doesn’t have to slam or smash into gear to be fast. In fact those kinds of attributes will only substantially reduce the longevity of your vehicle. Our tunes get better fuel economy (mpgs) over stock on average from 1-4. We put excitement into every vehicle we touch and we do not settle for being “good enough”.  At any and every single opportunity when we see something favorable through testing data and then customer verification’s, no matter how big or how small it is, we implement it. This is what separates us from the rest of the pack.

At anytime anyone has any questions pertaining to their vehicle and what we could do for you we are only a call away. We will give you the most direct, honest, and complete answers you can get. We also give you the best direction in terms of performance gains vs dollars spent on any single product. If you have an existing tune and wonder what we are all about a phone call doesnt cost much however it can save you a bundle. When it comes to EcoBoost tuning platform there isn’t anyone remotely close to SSi tunes, in terms of drivability, power, and fuel economy.

Ecoboost Tuning is not done better than SSi with F150, SHO, Explorer Sport, Mustang, Flex, Fusion, Edge, and more.

This Is Fact! Are you running an so-so tune? Ask yourself why. Then give us a call.  Just like the owner of the Custom Built Ecoboost F150 did.  No matter if you have a massive investment into your ride or its completely stock, you deserve the best product you can buy. Do yourself a favor and call the experts at SSi Performance.

Also Make sure you check out our Ecoboost Custom Tuning page



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