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DiabloSport Custom Tuning



DiabloSport Custom Tuning support for all of your DiabloSport Tuning Devices

Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, & Jeep Custom Tuning

Get the Most Performance from your DiabloSport programmers with our 20 plus years of Experience Custom tuning with DiabloSport CMR  Software.


The DiabloSport inTune, I3, Predator, Predator 2, and Trinity are an incredibly easy to interface with to load custom tune files to the device or get files from the device. InTune, I3 & Predator 2 functions similar to a USB hard drive when plugged in to a PC or Mac computer. Once plugged in and booted up, they will show up as a drive under “My Computer” on Windows, or as a new “Volume” on Mac OSX.

Getting your DiabloSport files to us.

Step 1:

Go to your vehicle and tune it with any of the available tunes. This process needs to be done first to “Marry” the device to the vehicle and complete its “Original Backup” process. This step is important because it allows the DiabloSport devices to save the data from your vehicle’s computer into the device’s memory; hence, allowing you to send that file out for custom tuning. Note: You can use ANY of the available DiabloSport tunes to install in the vehicle. Whichever one you choose will only affect which file is available as “last tune written.”


Step 2:

Plug your inTune device in to an open USB port on your computer and wait for the device to complete its boot up process.


Step 3:

Once the programmer is on the main menu, click the windows “Start” and then select “My Computer.” Under this window, you will see two new drives one named “DiabloSport” or “Powertech” or other. 

Step 4:

Inside the “DiabloSport” drive, you will find an additional folder named “TUNES.” Double click the “TUNES” or “Vehicle Files” folder to open it, revealing your last tune written (labeled PCM_XXXXXXX_LASTTUNEWRITTEN) and your “Original Backup” often named “PCM_XXXXXXX_BACKUP.frg”. Right click, then copy these files to be pasted to your PC, or simply click and hold the files and drag them to another folder (such as the desktop).


Ford vehicles will have a .FRG extension

GM Vehicles have a .GRG extension

Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep will have a .DRG extension


Step 5:

Open your email program and add an attachment. Browse to the files that you copied from the DiablSport drive and email them to [email protected]


If you need additional help getting us your files or to load a custom tune we can do it remotely. Please download this free software link below and we can take remote control of your computer to help you.



Installing your custom tunes sent back to you.

Installing your custom tunes sent back to you is just as easy.

Step 1: With your device plugged into your computer it will show up as a drive as indicated in the above instructions when you got us your DiabloSport files. This time you will copy and paste them right onto the drive itself. Do not put them in a folder where you got them from originally to send to us or they wont show up. You will see the device screen say “Custom Tune Added” or something like that.

Step 2: Then go to the vehicle and program it under custom tunes.


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