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Dodge Ram Custom Tuning

When it comes to custom tuning your Dodge Ram nobody does it better.


Put our over 20 plus years of Dodge Trucks and Dodge Ram Custom Tuning to work for you

All Dodge Trucks like the Dodge Ram, Durango, Dakato and more are all covered here.

We custom tune with DiabloSport, SCT, BullyDog, and HP Tuners from 1999 thru 2023 Vehicles. All engines.

PCM Swaps, Spare PCMs and Unlocks all available here for the 2015 and up models that require it.




Lets face it. The canned tunes that come with any handheld manufacturer programmer really isn’t all that great. They are not custom for your specific vehicle and cannot compete with a custom tune from us. It’s a night and day difference. We put in the extra time and attention to all the little details of our custom tunes from us for you.

If you need a programmer with custom tuning use our vast experience with all these tuning platforms to put you in the best position to accomplish your tuning goals. Whether is is a Ram 1500, 2500, or the supercharged TRX we have you covered. It makes no difference the mods you have or whether it is bone stock, lightly or heavily modified, factory or aftermarket supercharged or turbocharged.

You will be amazed at what we can do for your stock or modified vehicle. Off throttle, part throttle, mid range, and wide open performance we do for it is to die for. You should see a few extra mpgs on top of all that as well. Who doesn’t like that?


There is no substitute for experience! Put that experience to work for you.


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