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“This tune ROCKS! Dude this Truck hauls ass and spins these 35’s with ease. Everything is damn sure perfect. You are like a magician with tuning. I’ve had some other tunes before but yours is like on a whole different level. Ill be sure to hit you up on anything else I get. Thanks!”  ( 2019 F150 5.0 )

– Chad, AL 

“Put the street tune on the 2014 2ss and wow night and day difference car has a lot more power right from the hit all the way thru to redline. No check engine light either car drives perfect. Can’t wait to try race tune, waiting on weather!  Thanks! I’m glad chose you. Hard not after reading the customer feed back. Thanks awesome job. Couldn’t be happier. Will recommend to everyone!”  ( 2014 Camaro SS )

-William, OH


“Brother I should have went with you the first time out. You fixed everything these other so called tuners couldnt and or just wouldnt try to figure out. I’m super picky and you got me exactly what I wanted for my Challenger. Ill be sure to drop your name where and whenever I can. I cant thank you enough. My ride is perfect, Fast, and fun as hell.”  (2016 Challenger)

-Jason, NV


“Just want to give a HUGE shout out to Shawn! The last 2 days he has went above and way beyond getting a shifting issue resolved. Countless phone calls and trial and error and many revisions. This guy is the real deal, hands down the absolute best customer service ever in the tuning world! Plus my 2015 SHO is a monster now! Thanks again!”

-Brian, OH


“SSi did an awesome job. I had a performance tune that came with my tuner, but the one I got from SSi literally blew it out of the water. Seriously, I was shocked how much of a difference it made. I will definitely be going back to SSi if I need another tune.” ( 2008 GMC 5.3 )

-Garrett, NV 


“The mad man has Done it again on my 19 Ram 1500 5.7 Non E Torque Hemi. Oh my fucking god this thing moves its ass off such an adrenaline rush. It feels so fucking to good to finally be back in a SSI tune again. I have missed it so much since i got rid of my Ecoboost. I am almost crying tears of joy that is how fucking excited i am. This shit is insane how hard it pulls and throws you back in the seat. Shifts smooth as butter when not under full throttle but when you get down on it pulls like a fucking freight train. It smokes these 33 inch tires like they aren’t shit. Throttle sensitivity is on point the truck used to lag horribly now no matter where my foot is she will move with out hesitation. If anyone is hesitating on getting custom tunes done don’t be this man is a fucking monster. If you aren’t tuned by him you are missing out. His customer service and understanding is why i will always be a ride and die SSI customer till the day i die. I am so blessed to have found this man and his great company as well everyone in the SSI Group. Once again thank you shawn, Jacob Davis.”

-Nicholas, LA


“I want to give a big thanks to Shawn Ellis. I am a new ssi customer. Let me tell you about the magic voodoo this man is capable of. My sho went from a quick car, to holy shit. If anyone has ever had a slight hesitation in pulling the trigger for the ssi tune, stop waiting. I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Not to mention I am up almost 1mpg on top of the HUGE power gain. Believe the hype.  Shawn Ellis knows his shit hands down better than anyone.”

Joe, CA


“I really don’t know what magic you have because you’re in a league by yourself. Loaded the first tune and all I thought was Oh Man, Amazing, Perfection in every aspect of what a tune should be. I have 5 other tunes from different places and they are not even close to what you have done. Thanks so very much for making this all it can be and then some! SSi Customer for life. Thanks Again and keep it up.”

-Justin, GA


“Huge shoutout to Shawn for going above and beyond for me today. When it comes to customer support the man is superior. Thanks again I was stressed to the max.”

Chris, GA


“Shawn tuned my 08 avalanche 5.3 with a 91 performance and tow tune. It has a magnuson supercharger with 8 psi boost, 3” dual exhaust, running a 170 tstat for heat. After Shawn’s tune it was a difference of night and day. Beyond the power gains, I also have improved fuel economy. I went from 13-16 mpg to 20-24 mpg. I also use my truck to pull a 6000# travel trailer and now I don’t have the struggle I had to maintain 70 mph that I used to have.”

-Matt, MO



” Big thanks to Shawn Ellis for hooking me up with a tune and a lot of knowledge on eco boost. Should have joined the dark side from the get go rather than unleashed. New motor new plugs 170 thermostat cleaned sensors and oil change. All I have to say is he got it!”

Ben, NY


“Just loaded my SSI 93 tune and took it for a spin and holy crap, absolutely pulls like a train, unbelievable difference this tune made. Was a bit hard to drive since my wood was tangled in the steering wheel the whole time, hehe. Shawn you guys know how to do it right bro, hats off to ya man, thanks so so much!”

-Steven, SC


“Awesome custom tune by Shawn Ellis with SSi Performance. The truck is running incredibly smooth. The acceleration and throttle response has just come to life despite hauling these meaty 35s. This is beyond what I was expecting especially with such a affordable price tag. 2011 Silverado 4.8”

-Phoenyx. NC

“Shawn Ellis really knows his stuff guys. This 93 performance tune for my 2011 F150 ecoboost was night and day guys. The smooth power delivery, the shift points while keeping it in the power band, the 3 mpg’s almost immediately, I could go on and on. The truck idles better, runs smoother and just excites me to drive now. Good job man! Hoping I got something for those Hemi boys now.”

-Les, MS

“Hello all, I want start by giving a HUGE thanks to Shawn at SSi.

I have been lurking on the forums since I had my 2013 F150 5.0. At the time I said to myself why would I want a 3.5 V6 in a truck?. about 3 months after I bought that truck my dad went and bought a 2014 F150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost. After 3 days of him owning the truck I wanted to kick myself in the ass for not going with the 3.5 Ecoboost. Both trucks were XLT 4×4’s super crew cabs with the same packages and yes my dad even got the same color as mine. His EB no matter what I did would pull me like I was tied to a tree every time. The worst part of this is I was 6 months into a 3 year lease. I then found some forums asking what I could do to keep up with my dad. Unfortunately unless I put a SC or turbos It was pretty much a lost cause.

Over the past couple years I have been hearing allot of people saying they tuned there EB and what a difference it made. I was hearing allot of people going with LMS, 5 Star or SSi tunes with LMS being the favorite. I called LMS on a few occasions for my dad and I have never actually spoke with someone at LMS. It was always leave a message and someone will get back with you which they NEVER have. This went on over 4 months and my dad said screw it and that was that. This was all in 2014.

Fast forward to February 12 2016. My lease was up and I was ready for an EB! I went and bought a 2016 XLT Sport 4×4 super crew with a 36g tank and the 20″ wheels. I was so excited that day. My wife and I went on a drive that seemed to last forever that night. I loved the power and torque of that 3.5 EB. Soon after that I was back lurking on the various forums for tunes. I thought I would give LMS another shot because a couple buddies of mine 1 which I work with have LMS tunes on their trucks and couldn’t believe how fast they were. 2 years later it was the same story with LMS. Leave a message and we will get back with you. I am local living in Milan Michigan which is about a 35-40 minute drive from LMS. I wanted to stay local but the customer service that I wasn’t getting turned me off. I then got on the SSi website and called and Spoke with Shawn. He answered on the 2nd ring which was a pleasant surprise. I talked with him for about 20 minutes and he answered every question I had and then some. Dont ask why but I never did buy a tuner right after speaking with him. I still felt guilty for not staying local.

Fast forward to June 18th of this year. Summer was here and it was track season! I was sitting at work and went the the SSi site and bought the SCT x4 with 3 custom tunes. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep that night. I ended up calling Shawn the next day and of course he answered his phone. I asked him how much it would cost to ship out my tuner priority mail and he said for $20 I can ship it overnight. I said please do that. The funny thing is a few hours later I got an email from SSi with my overnight Fedex tracking number. I thought to myself I haven’t paid that $20 like Shawn said he was going to send me in invoice for.

I called Shawn back and can you guess it? He ANSWERED!! When I told him I still owed him the money for shipping he said dont worry I will catch up with you sometime. I thought wow what a trusting guy. The next day I got my X4 and got the info that he needed off of my truck and filled out my custom tune form and with in less than 24 hours I had a tune in my email!!. I was at work that day and I installed that tune on my truck within 30 minutes of me having the tune. When i drove the truck for the first time with my SSi2 93 octane tune I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to kick myself in the ass for waiting over a year since I had my EB to tune it.

Then tune is so damn good! The throttle response is amazing and the truck shifts like it has a CVT trans in it. I data logged my truck a couple days ago and sent the logs to Shawn. I called him today because I was going to the track after work and he said something didnt log right. I thought oh well I will try againg. Shawn asked if I had E85 in my area because he could send me an E85 race tune. I was told to use a 30% mixture. I figured I had about 6.5 gallons of gas in my tank so I added 2.5 gallons of E85. I was told with that tune I should be in the 12.7 possibly 12.6 range. I went to the track tonight and on my way there Shawn called me to check up on me. Where do you find customer service like this? Anyway not to drag this out any longer my buddy with his LMS tune ran a 13.53@99mph. My 1 and only pass because we got rained out tonight was a 12.92@103. This was with a horrible launch I wasnt able to do a good boost launch. I was so happy with that time. My dad was there with me and he had a grin from ear to ear when I got back to the pits. My 13 month old seemed pretty happy as well!

All in all I just to say that Shawn and what he does with these trucks amazes me. Again thank you from a VERY satisfied customer! Cant wait to get some more runs in!”

-John, MI


“I just now got to upload the tune and I am absolutely speechless!!! You sir are a genius! I drove about an hour and not once did a smile leave my face!”

-Lonnie, WV

“So I have a 2013 Taurus Sho. My buddy has a Saab tuned with BCB. He was all pumped when I got the Sho and says you go to try them there the best. So I forked out the money and got the tune and I thought I would be done. But come to find out it was not much better than a can tune. They explained to me that it would take a few revisions before it would be done. So the data logging began. Four tunes later with 5 to 14 days between the tunes that it took to get the tunes from Kelly. It was finally done. I took it to the track for the first time ran 13.3 and never got better than a 13.2. I was shocked all this for a slow ass tune.

So I had been reading up on SSI tuning and decided to give Shawn a holla on Facebook not only did he hit me back it was less than an hour. He was so sure I would be blown away with his tune. So I decided to check it out. He had a tune to me in less then 30 mins. I really didn’t know how bad the BCB tune was until I tried Shawn’s S1. I realized that there was big hesitation in takeoff shifts were not smooth there was no low-end takeoff or power and very small powerbands on top of being slow. When stock 5.7 Hemi beats you there’s a problem or runs about the same. And you started with 365 horsepower about the same as a 5.7 Hemi. You start to wonder.

Shawn Ellis is close to a God this tune has low end torque and all the way up it has to torque. Shifts are all smooth you really don’t know how fast you’re going unless you look down at the speedometer. There’s no comparison between the two tunes. The torque and throttle response is out of this world. SSI is the shit if you want performance and quality customer service there is no other place to go.

Now I have to figure out how to get these BCB stickers off my car window. Got to get me some SSI stuff to go on my car. If you want to know more hit Shawn up or just ask me I’ve tried the other now I’m with the best. Can’t wait to get to the track. Let the parties begin. BBC is a joke fuck that shit. Straight trash don’t let the lies deceive you.”

-Chris, OH

“Hey Shawn I got your tunes loaded and what a difference. This thing is smooth as butter and the power is awesome. I mainly wanted the best driving tune I could get and out of the all the other ones I have now you are top dog by a mile. Im glad you joined F150 forum or I may not of have found you all. Thank You for your help and answering all my questions.

-Truitt M, VA


“I came to SSi after giving BCB and Unleashed a try. Once I drove my truck with an SSi tune, I knew I had been short changed by the others. I now have 89k miles on my 16’ 2.7 and Shawn’s tunes have accounted for almost 70k of those miles. I’ve gotten dozens of files from Shawn and have never been disappointed or needed revisions. I daily drive with an E50 race tune. Never had any issues except the need for new tires. On my 4th set after 4 years. SSi is superior to any other tuner. With the upgrades you have, your truck will be a rocket. Shawn is by far the best in the game.”

-Jared, TX

“Oh Lord your tuning is as advertised. I don’t know how you do it and I was skeptical to say the least but man this thing runs so damn good. Man I wish I came over to you guys 2 years ago. Thanks for the memorial sale deal at F150 forum. Ill be buying some more tunes next week.”

-James D, TX


“Shawn did it again. Shawn tuned this 2019 392 challenger and He Is extremely happy with the tune. That 392 moves like never before. If you are on this page and you’re not tuned by Shawn yet I’m gonna tell you fill out that tune form and get ready for a wild ride. Thank you Shawn for another awesome tune and another happy customer. Wouldn’t expect anything else from SSI.”

-Robert, MD

“Just wanted to take some time to give props where props are due. I talked to Shawn today and even though he was just getting home from vaca he took some time and tuned me. Fucking amazing! He got this shit on the first try, seeing he had to start from scratch cause of an uncommon Ecu code. Let me tell ya I expected a great tune but I never expected perfection like I received today. The shifts are on point, it’s like a single speed on steroids. The truck is always in the power band and pulls like a freight train. I come from a long line of other tunes ( livernois, Unleashed, 5 Star and MPT) These fucking guys can’t compare to the quality SSI produces! No comparison period! Shits like a whole new truck. I will represent Shawn‘s tunes for here on out and will def spread the word. I can’t wait to get my Lincoln MKS eco tuned now. I know all my eco buddies will soon be hitting you guys up too. Thanks Shawn on a job well done!”

-Shawn B, NY

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”Read More”]2013 Explorer Sport Owner – “Shawn, Thank you so much for taking the time with my tune.  I’ve ran unleashed and livernois, and I have to say the difference here is incredible! The truck now pulls from idle all the way to redline with no lag, loss of power, or hesitation.  My explorer is like a new vehicle, and I can’t wait to see what SSi has in store next! I’m a customer for life!”

-Russel, NY

“Your tunes are pure kick ass and didnt expect to see it show up so fast on new years day. I see why you get so much praise and happy customers.  Add me to that list. You blew the other guys right out of the water. I will be ordering for the wifes new Explorer soon. Thanks for the great tune and fast turn around!

-Casey, OK

“You are all that is advertised! Nice to get a tune that is worth every cent and some. I had to bite on the “hype” and couldn’t believe the difference compared to the other tunes I have. (BTW I have every other tune for my SHO so I know who is who). Rock solid tuning in every possible way. You guys are in a league of your own by far. On another note Shawn is a total blast to talk with. Great customer service as well. Thank you”

-Steve, IL

“I am writing to you as I  have had bought a previous tune from  Livernois Motorsports and had it for 6 months and two updates later the truck now has a DTC code P061A so I returned back to stock to see if it would follow the stock tune and after a week of driving about 400 miles no codes are present so I returned tune back to Livernois 93 tune  and the error code returned when I called to tell them about this they told me to check the air filter box and filter housing for lose cover or clips but every thing was fine and made them aware about what the code I found brings up software incompatibility issue and they said the tune was fine and was tested not to have these issues with software

Well they continued to say it was fine so back to stock and no problems so I had enough of someone tuning my $50,000 truck and not figure out all the steps that these complicated tunes require  so after reading all the reviews from SSI and decided to call Shawn and talked to him for half hour I had a lot of questions about his tunes and what I expect from a quality tune he told me rest assured me he had these trucks running safe and has more data Logs than anybody out their and not just from a DYNO real world testing on the road with help from customers so I decided to buy the hand held and the multi tune package. After loading the programmer the truck turned into the HULK the metamorphosis that takes place to this truck is just unreal the tip in response is so precise and shifting is so smooth and seamless the power is on tap right now ready to go on command

I drive the 93 5150 tune as my daily drive and it will rip the tires of the rims turn off the traction control and lock the back axle and the fun is ready to begin you can make elevens  from every stop or just drive around back and forth to work without any issues this truck is 100% stock  with 160 TSTAT no codes have come back since my SSI tune was installed  the only problem I have had is my jaw hurting from the  miles of smiles  thanks Shawn for all the countless hours you put into giving us the very best tunes on the planet”

-Steve B,  MA


“This tune is amazing!! Holy hell its fast. I have a 2016 F150 2.7 4×4 ecoboost truck. I only have the 87 octane in it and it’s crazy fast. I had previously tuned my 3.5 l eco in my 2013 with 5 star. The 87 tune was very little difference, 93 performance with 5 star was pretty good, but I always had lights coming on which I didn’t like. Shawn gave me the 87 tune on my 2.7 it’s as quick as the 93 performance with 5 star in the 3.5, and no lights. Crazy!! Can’t wait to try the 93 octane with Shawn, he is working on it as I type. . Also Shawn has some of the best customer service I have seen, way better than 5 star. I’m very happy.”

-Cyle TX

“I like to try all the tunes for the Ecoboost. As I am a tuner by profession. But I deal with GMs. Out of Unleashed LET BCB and SSI. SSI is by far the fastest. By more than a half second. I have ran my ssi tunes for 30+k Miles and never an issue. BCB killed my trans and was slow. UNLEASHED was slow and after 26revsions my was was only getting worse. LET was again slow all averaging about a 13.8 at Bandimere vs my SSI 13.1. Also Shawn the owner of SSI you can actually call and get real time with. My first ssi tune was .6faster than the rest and it’s only gotten better.”

-Zack, CO


“I had 4 or 5 different companies tunes before I found ssi. His was night vs day better. 150,000 miles still doin great. Best shifts period”

-Shannon, LA

SHO Owner – “I just wanted to say that have been so impressed with the SSI Tunes that I have received so far!   I don’t know all the language for the tunes, knock, etc but I do know the difference between tunes that I have so far!!  Shawn has made a believer out of me and compared to the other tunes i have by other tuner (which are 2) neither one of them even compare to the SSI 1!!  I am looking forward to the upcoming drag season in 2017 because last year I was frustrated because my car was so inconsistent at the track.   I am hoping that 2017 will be much better than last year!   Thank’s to Shawn and his tunes, the 2 I have so far are AWESOME!!

-Phillip, VA


“I am quite impressed with your work to say the least. Amazing is a better description. As I stated to you on the phone I dont race and the every day driving thing was my primary focus. You have most certainly exceeded all my expectations. I have 3 other tuning companies work and they all have some sort of issues I really dont like. Your tuning does not any issues what so ever and it is nice to have some more power compared to the others. My mpgs jumped a solid 2 over what I had. Thank you again for a great job and Ill keep you on the top of my list when I need something else.”

-Curtis, TX

“I just loaded up your tunes and all I can say is incredible!!  You are truly a master of your craft. The pedal feel is perfect and no more flat spots or other poor driving issues I have with other tunes I bought. I am one happy camper and so is my truck. The extra 2 mpgs is the cherry on top. Thanks Again.”

-Dennis, AL

Holy Shit you nailed it bro! You talk the talk and you walk the walk. Best tune I have put in my SHO by far. You just waxed these other 3 tuners I have tunes from  hahaha. Nailed it first time perfect no revisions needed. You are the man! Thanks bro and Ill spread the good word. Keep up the great work!!

-Justin, TX

2016 F150 5.0 –  “Hey Shawn, just touching base on the tune i purchased from you, i was skeptical at first due to all the trash talking ive read on internet. Then i thought, they must be doing something right and decided to get the tune. At first response was amazing!!! Power is there throughout entire band, shifts are better than stock!!! And throttle response is amazing!!! I fell in love with your tune bro!!! Now, all i want now is more RPMs, is that possible? Id atleast like to shift at my convenience in manual mode. My 5.0 has much more to offer past the 5800-6000 rpm range. Other than that, the tune IS the best on the market!!!! Thank you!!!!”

-Jose, TX

2016 Eco F150-  “Well finally…changed out my plugs gapped to .026…loaded tune…and Holy Mother of God…This thing rolled through the gears like hot knife through butter…couldn’t even bury the throttle…maybe just a little nervous..haha looked down and was doing 105…Damn Shawn…thanks for all the advise and help in getting this thing rolling!!!”

-Scott IN

“Made it to OH from AR, 1200 mile trip. I ran the NexGen tune for the whole trip. After about 100 miles the truck and tune synced together perfectly. First thoughts, I even said it out loud, HOLY SHIT THIS TUNE KICKS FUCKING ASS.
I have a 14 3.5 supercrew FX4 3:55 gears lifted on 37×13.50X20’s so obviously I don’t give a shit about fuel mileage but with Shawn’s magic I still averaged 23.7 mpg with an average speed of 84 mph. As far as passing and pulling power, let’s just say with Shawn’s voodoo he put in this tune you better hope your seat mounts can hold up when you stomp the gas pedal. It’s unbelievable how fast the truck wraps the speedometer, especially on top end. No rpm drop at all just a hard steady pull through every gear. Also the drivabilty is absolutely perfect. Damn good tip-in, throttle is very responsive but not jumpy at all. The shifts are so smooth that sometimes I never even felt it shift from gear to gear. NexGen is one Bad Ass tune that’s very driver friendly but yet will still haul ass. Very satisfied customer. Glad to be a part of SSi. Thank you Shawn Ellis
P.S. this tune came straight from my email from Shawn. I literally got the tune the night before i left, loaded it that morning and drove 1200 straight miles. zero logs zero revisions”

-Aaron AR

“The Next Gen tunes are ridiculously fast, my 14 F150 FX2 pulls harder than ever before and the shifting is seamless. Truck has 88k on the clock with 90% of the miles with SSi tunes. Keep up the great work Shawn!!”

-Michael TX

“The BEST TUNE EVER for my SHO and I have several tunes from other places. This NexGen tune is amazing and perfection is every possible way. The shifting is seamless and the power is there right off throttle, smooth, and predictable. Top end performance is simply insane. Thanks man. Well done!”

-Jason KS

 2016 F150 Ecoboost owner – “Dayyuuuuum! This is the kind of tune I thought I was getting from these other guys. I really appreciate you taking the time with me on the phone and explaining things not to mention the quick turn around time. I didn’t know anything about this stuff before but I sure know a little more than the average guy now. This thing runs amazing! Even my wife is impressed and shes a tuff nut to crack… lol. That was important. Thanks again!”

-Brad, LA

“Wow is all I can say Shawn. Your F150 tunes are on a whole different level than anyone else and its not even close. You have turned my 2015 Ecoboost into a real Ecobeast. You obviously have way more experience or magic than any of these other jokers.  Keep it up brother!”

-Conner, NC 

“When I saw your dyno sheets with the TNP tune for the SHO with all the other tuners being compared I had to see so for myself. After loading this thing Ill tell you the fun factor is thru the roof and you have me falling in love with my SHO all over again. Its everything the dyno sheet showed and way more. The power band is so smooth and never falls off.  You really made these LMS and Unleashed look like amateurs for sure.  Thank you and I will for sure keep you in mind for my next ride.”

-Josh, CA

“Just got your tunes loaded up and HOLY SHIT!  Man you are not kidding about the power and best thing is the way it drives. You have totally embarrassed those other 3 tunes I have. You have lived up to what every other SSi guy says about you online. No wonder you have so many jealous bitches hahaha. Thank you for being straight up guy with awesome customer service. Time for me to go tell everyone who the real big dog is.  SSi for life!”

-Brandon, TX

“Just loaded up the 5150 tune in the truck and holy shit!  Im an experienced street racer and expected some improvements but this has blown my mind what you all can do for this 2.7 ecoboost. You guys just embarrassd your competition so bad man. What is really cool is how great the regular driving around town is.  The 3 other tuners I bought stuff from before you need to bow down.  SSi rules”

-Jesse, TX

“So last night my computer and tuner were giving me hell and by the time I got the tune in and ready drive it was late and I had to shut down. I had the SSi2 91 loaded and ready so I got up early and went for a test drive. My initial reaction was DAMN!!!! This tune builds power early and pulls hard and it’s a great daily driver. When you roll into the throttle the power is there and waiting. Stick the throttle pretty decent and the tire are up in smoke. The shifting is quick and firm but not harsh and feels good when you’re in the power. I’m not going to bash MPT but by comparison that tune feels dead until you get to 3/4 throttle and does some strange things between 3/4 and full throttle. It really seems like it’s set up for full throttle or nothing. The SSi tune is night and day better for daily driving and we all know how it performs at the track. From a dig there’s no need to brake boost bc it will turn the tires to smoke instantly. The low and mid range is badass. Honestly this is what expected when I originally tuned my truck. There really is no comparison between MPT and SSI. Shawn Ellis really knocked this tune out of the park. After I get some money saved up I’ll be buying some other tunes for sure. I can’t imagine what a logged 93 tune feels like bc this basic 91 is rediculous. Either way big thanks to Shawn for showing me the light”

-Carl, LA

“You all have some serious magic these other tuners don’t have for sure. I have tried every single other company that sells tuning and you are way out in front.  All the others are more of an entry level tuning compared to SSi.  My SHO drives like a million bucks and has power that I never knew existed. It is amazing. Keep up the magic!”

-Chuck, MI

MKS Owner- “As i always say, the product sells itself, its better in every aspect then any other product ive ever used and the amount of help and assistance ive recieved from Shawn Ellis triples what i got from unleashed and then some, you just cant beat that, thats why the ssi name is on top and will never come down, all aspects people look for in a buisness is there, power, reliability, customer service and the wow factor, and that is why SSI is and always will be a name myself and anyone else running them can be proud to represent, the passion and care shawn puts into the buisness shows, he isnt out here just to make money, hes out here to make the best product he can produce while people like torrie are selling half asked tunes just to make a buck and it shows in his attitude, he doesnt give two shits if you dont know what your doing, he doesnt care if you do, he only cares about how big his wallet can get so he can sit his e.t. looking ass in his pretty little viper, i wouldnt recommend him to my worst enemy, SSI is worlds away from his mediocre product and that is why i recommend him to everyone looking for a high quality tune.”

-Anthony, NY

“Now I know why the other guys all hate on you SSi folks. You flat out know your business with this Ecoboost stuff.  First ride was with my buddy in t. He and I were like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Hes looking to trade in that dodge for a F150 now. What an amazing job you have done with these trucks. Thank you”

-Tyler, TX


“I have had 3 different vehicles, all SSI tuned…THOUSANDS of trouble free, giggle inducing power. Shawn is the man and has great customer service with us! “

-Matt, MI

“Went from an Unleashed to SSi tune on my SHO and couldnt be happier. It is better is every freakin way imaginable and pulls hard all the way to red line. The only regret I have is not making the jump sooner. Shawn at SSi even takes phone calls and is cool to explains things.  The few word email stuff drove me up the dam wall with Unleashed. That was annoying as all hell. SSi has smooth kick ass power for days and it drives like a fine tuned machine. Thank you so much and keep on kicking ass” 

-Jay, IL

“One happy 2016 F150 Ecoboost customer right here! I got the tuner with tunes just before the memorial holiday weekend and am still amazed at the transformation. I was showing off taking all my friends for rides and they couldn’t believe it. I look for every excuse possible to drive it now. Thanks.”

-Sean, PA

“The difference you made in our 2015 2.7 F150 is truly amazing. We had a 5 Star and a Unleashed tune that I believe was about the same as when it was stock. After seeing the you tube videos and reading the testimonials I’m glad we gave you a try.  We went from disappointment to being totally elated. I will mention you wherever I can. Thank you again.”

-Michael, MD


“I’ve tried 4 other companies. Nothing has the feel and manners of an SSI tune. I’ve had them in 2 ecoboost f150s since 2014. Not a single issue. Not revisions needed.”

-Tim, FL

“Simply put is that SSi has a far superior tune than the other 2 companies I went with with my 2015 SHO.  No more turbo lag, great power delivery, and perfect pedal feel. I dont race so the way it drives from day to day is all that I care about and it is perfect. You all are in a class of your own.  Thank You!”

-Steve, MI

“You all are the top dogs in this ecoboost tuning world. I have 3 other well known companies tunes for my 2016 F150 and you have schooled them all like they are amateurs. You are certainly in a class all by yourselves. I dont know how you do it but it is not even a close compare. Thank You!”

-Kyle, TX

“I received my 5150187 tune last week and before I could load it, the fuel pump relay and housing burnt up. After relocating the fuse I have my truck back in service and I immediately loaded the 5150 tune. I was running the PS tune which was a precursor of sorts to this 5150. I run 93 octane exclusively but I opted for e85 on the last two tanks. I don’t drive far during the week and its cheap so why not. 5150 appears to be the pinnacle of success for the tunes to date.

In September of 2013 I reached out to Shawn. I had purchased a Diablo inTune unit. Shawn explained the tables involved it the tuning process, his metrics, so on and so forth. The next thing I know he gets me into an SCT tuner and the fun begins. To date I have tested and run 30 iterations of tunes for the 5.0, I know because I scavenged my email and I couldn’t believe we had done so much together. Once I decided on something I liked he tweaked it and I ran with it. I really thought the PS tune was about it for the 5.0. Turns out this was not the case. The drive ability alone is incredible. I’ve always liked the tip in. I hated the weird shift schedules for 3rd and 4th gear. Shawn was able to really increase the linear delivery with each tune. Some pulled like a beast on top, others had so much low end I wasted the factory Michelin tires in 18 months.  I was never displeased with any of the results and every tune has been data logged time and time again. If I had a low grade knock at low RPMs I sent him a log and it was fixed without issue. I’ve never had an SSI tune leave me stranded or throw a code. I had to drive home from the dealer stock. It was awful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s that smooth lame ass ford shift strategy, but completely disappointing with regards to response and performance. No balls. 5150187 is just incredible. I love the tip in. I love how the truck shifts quickly and crisply from on gear to the next. It’s not breaking my neck in the process, it simply grabs the gear and goes, putting consistent, solid power to the ground. The weak link in my truck is the 3.31 open diff. The steep 1st gear makes up for some of this, but going from a 4.17:1 in first to a 2.34:1 in second just sucks. But not on an SSI tune. The power stays, the torque is so much fatter and usable! Rolling away from a stop is a delight. Passing power is off the charts. I can’t say enough good things about this tune. But I can speak with experience on the matter and the simple fact is that SSI has never let me down. The keys to a successful partnership and winning strategy in the tuning world are these:

  • 1. Owner accountability and responsibility – this includes maintenance and education

  • 2. Communication – There is no such thing as too much detail. Record it, log it, and discuss it in detail.

To this day I smile every time I drive. Thank you Shawn Ellis for your exceptional product and service!”

-Matt, TX

“Im going to say the truth and dont care if it gets put up or not. I have a 2015 SHO and bought a $600 tuner from LMS after listening to these guys on a forum rave about them. First thing I thought this was a total turd for the money I just spent. After expressing my total fucking disappointment in their crap they tried to up sell me on another $1000.00 of upgrades. All I kept getting was some double talk in every direction. I saw these guys raving about their SSi tunes online and gave them a call. This guy Shawn was confident enugh to say he would give me twice the money back if his tune didnt beat the snot of of LMS  everyway so I bought in. It came in and got my tunes by email and after the first 100 feet of driving this mutha I was like holy ape shit! This fucking Shawn guy is like the magic man with his tunes!  This is what I should have been getting from these other jokers. Here is some advice for anyone. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money. Go with SSi and get shit done right and bad ass the first time out.”

-Mike, IL

“My experience tuning my 2015 Explorer Sport with SSi was very nice. I had a tune from a well known company to start with and wasn’t all that impressed with it with normal every day driving. Wide open throttle it was okay but I always thought it should be more. So I purchased the tunes from SSi and this is the performance I was expecting from the start. First off I appreciated talking to the guy who actually does the tuning and not some salesman. I really appreciated the excellent customer service. The tune makes this thing turn into a performance sedan. The extra 2 mpgs is the big bonus. 2 thumbs up for you and well deserved!”

-Stephan, Toronto-Canada

“I was having some random trouble codes come up every once in a while and wasn’t real happy with the way my 2014 F150 Ecoboost was shifting. I was going back and forth with More Power Tuning (MPT) and got impatient as I felt like it was headed nowhere. They wanted to sell me some parts to fix it and that didnt sit well with me.  After reading all over the web about SSi I called them. The first tune of of the box was pretty much perfect. No more codes and the way it shifts is precise and smooth. The power is simply incredible. Thank you.”

-Kevin, MO

“BELIEVE the SSi hype! I have a 14 SHO .  You can say I was a non believer with tunes from both Livernois Motorsport tune and Unleashed Tuning. I keep on seeing these great reviews and had to find out what this was all about. Lets just say these SSi people obviously knows some things these other guys dont.  This thing is AMAZING! Spot on perfect driving manners and runs like a rocket. No more turbo lag! Now I know what all these SSi happy customers are talking about. These other guys arent even in the same ball park. If you havent tried this SSi stuff you have no clue what you are missing.”

-Rob, NJ

“Just got the ssi 5150 tune loaded on my mks ecoboost and im at a loss for words… Seriously, i knew i was in for a treat but damn, this tune all around is 100% perfect, it made the unleashed tune seem like the stock tune, for instance i ran a modded out evo 8 on the street from a dig, he had no chance at all, i now understand the hype, if you dont have an ssi tune on your x4, what the hell are you doing??? Shawn is excellent with his customer service and he is very knowledgeable and it shows, this tune will turn you ecoboost into a whole different animal!! Im super impressed, had transmission grinding with other tunes from other companys, with the ssi, no grinds no hesitation, half throttle with throw your ass in the seat, this bitch is ready to go, if your in the ny area, come take a ride, you will go ssi and never go back!! Loving it!

-Anthony, NY

“I just received my first tune from Shawn today and let me say that impressive doesn’t even cover it.  Power on demand and this this runs so smooth it puts a smile on my face every drive. This is not only the fastest tune I ever bought for my SHO, it is the best driving tune I ever bought. I fell in love with my car all over again!  It took a extra couple days to get it because of his busy schedule but I would wait a month or longer to get this killer tune. You without question dominated the other 2 companies I tried that were the so called experts.”

– Stan, MI

“I got a tune from SSi and still cant believe the difference this thing made in my 2015 F150 Ecoboost. It is impressive to say the least. I took my friends for a ride and they cant believe the transformation with what just a custom tune does for it. The extra 2 mpgs surely doesn’t hurt either.  Thanks for a great product and first class customer service.”

-James, Ill

“I got my first tune from SSi for my Raptor and couldn’t believe the difference compared to the tunes I had tried before them. The power and how smooth this thing is amazing.  After that I had to give them a shot at my wifes 2014 SHO and it was the same result.  Perfect driving manners with almost no turbo lag and power for days. Anyone who may be curious like I was dont even hesitate and you will be glad you did. Not all tuning companies are the same for sure and I have tried 3 of them. You do a great job!”

-Jake, VA

“I want the best for my car and SSi delivers. My 2014 SHO with a SSi Tune runs like a million bucks compared to the other tunes I have tried.  Seriously these other tuners are not in the same ball park as you guys.  Not even in the same zip code as SSi when it comes to performance. Its not even close. You have opened my eyes to what tuning perfection is. Keep up the great work and am glad I made the switch to you. Thanks!”

-Ben, MO

“I have a 2015 Ecoboost F150 and have had tuning from Unleashed and 5 Star. They were a small improvement over stock but I felt it could be better.  After reading all the satisfied SSi customers who had other companies tunes too I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did as they are hands down better in the way its drives and the power delivery.  The shifting is fabulous!  Smooth as all get out and I got 2 more mpgs.  Thank you for such a great product.”

-Brandon, VA

“After I saw these 2015 F15o videos all over the web I wanted to get me some.  I complained several time to my previous tuner about issues I was having with hard shifting and running slow at the track I had enough and called SSi. When you call you can feel the confidence in this guy right off the bat. Straight shooter. Got my tunes and all I can say is HOLY SHIT!  These guys are the real mcoy now and no bullshit.  This thing is fast and smooth. Hell Yeah BAD ASS! Thank You All!”

– Casey, LA

“I  have had bought a previous tune from  Livernois Motorsports and had it for 6 months and two updates later the truck now has a DTC code P061A so I returned back to stock to see if it would follow the stock tune and after a week of driving about 400 miles no codes are present so I returned tune back to Livernois 93 tune  and the error code returned when I called to tell them about this they told me to check the air filter box and filter housing for lose cover or clips but every thing was fine and made them aware about what the code I found brings up software incompatibility issue and they said the tune was fine and was tested not to have these issues with software  well they continued to say it was fine so back to stock and no problems so I had enough of someone tuning my $50,000 truck and not figure out all the steps that these complicated tunes require  so after reading all the reviews from SSI and decided to call Shawn and talked to him for half hour I had a lot of questions about his tunes and what I expect from a quality tune he told me rest assured me he had these trucks running safe and has more data Logs than anybody out their and not just from a DYNO real world testing on the road with help from customers so I decided to buy the hand held and the multi tune package  after loading the programmer the truck turned into the HULK the metamorphosis that takes place to this truck is just unreal the tip in response is so precise and shifting is so smooth and seamless the power is on tap right now ready to go on command I drive the 93 5150 tune as my daily drive and it will rip the tires of the rims turn off the traction control and lock the back axle and the fun is ready to begin you can make elevens  from every stop or just drive around back and forth to work without any issues this truck is 100% stock  with 160 TSTAT no codes have come back since my SSI tune was installed  the only problem I have had is my jaw hurting from the  miles of smiles  thanks Shawn for all the countless hours you put into giving us the very best tunes on the planet”

-Steve B,  MA

“I don’t hang out on any online forums and I don’t engage in any social media so you can post this where ever you like. If anyone is like me I only want the best for my vehicle because its a serious investment and something I spend a lot of time in being in the oil industry. The tuning I received from SSi is the best single thing I have ever done to my F150 Ecoboost and I have owned 3 of them now. I have had other tunes in my previous trucks and they dont hold a candle to these tunes I got now. You certainly have a repeat customer as I go thru vehicles every 18 months. Thank you for your hard work you have put into these tunes. It shows”

-Clint, OK

“I got my first tune from Shawn and all I can say is WOW!  I have tried 2 other tuning companies before this in my 2015 SHO and they aren’t even close. Not even in the same ball park in every single category you could think of.  I really like that the turbo lag is gone and the power never quits. The added 2 plus mpgs is just the icing on the cake. You all made me a believer and thank you for a great tune.”

-Tony, AZ

“Bravo! Well done!  This is the first thing that comes to mind after switching from 5 star and More Power Tuning (MPT). You guys at SSi certainly are in a class of your own with this tuning stuff. This thing drives so perfect with no more turbo lag and such smooth shifting I have had to look at the indicator to see what gear it was in. I don’t race this thing so the driving manners are the most important thing to me. After seeing some reviews about how great these tunes from SSi run all I can say is they are spot on! The extra time you spent with me on the phone was very educational, enlightening, and very much appreciated. It sure was nice to talk to the guy who does these tunes rather than a sales person. If you want the best in the business look no further. Thanks again for a wonderful product! ” 

-Rich, TX

“Very rarely do you see a great review for something on the internet because if someone is happy with what they bought, they won’t take the time to write about it but I am actually so impressed with my experience that I think everyone should know about this to help with their decision making for tuning. I got my first 2 tunes from Shawn at SSI for my 2012 5.0 xlt in 2014 and was amazed at how much power I gained over the canned SCT tunes. I kept the truck and drove it every day for a year. I traded it in about 6 months ago on a 2013 5.0 fx4 and just wanted to see what else was out there in the tuning world so I purchased a tune from MPT which was supposed to be their version of the tune I liked so much from SSI. After waiting 3 long days, I got my email tune from them. Needless to say, I was initially less than impressed with it. Not only was it locked meaning i didn’t have the ability to change anything myself but the throttle response was close to stock, shifting from any gear to another was weak, the tune was just gutless overall. I hoped it would grow on me considering I had just wasted money on it but it did not. So, last week, after struggling to pull my fully loaded 18′ car hauler, I had enough and decided to give Shawn a call. Of course, he answered the phone right away and was quick to give me some tuning options to fit my needs. I bought a few from him, he emailed them to me less than 30 minutes after that and I was rolling down the road with my new tune another 30 minutes after that. And this thing is a POWERHOUSE now! Everything is just as I remember from my last truck, only better. I actually look forward to jumping in and driving to and from work every day again! Thanks for your quick response and overall knowledge in your experience. Please never quit making a great product because you have another loyal customer for life now!”

-Tucker,  AR

I had 3 other companies tunes for my for my 2015 F150 Ecoboost and was never pleased with any of them. Then I saw some videos that lead me to SSi and gave them a try and glad I did. These SSi tunes are incredible! They drive like a million bucks and the power is never ending. The best part is the wife loves it too. When she saw I got another tune for the truck she was not happy to say the least. Her response after driving the truck the first time was “Its about time someone got it right. How come you didn’t use these guys first?” Bottom line is it is everything I thought it could be and more. Thank You and Great job!!  One extremely happy SSi customer.

-Robert, IL

“Hey Shawn this tune for my 2014 ecoboost is insane I had a MPT tune before and your tune makes that seem like a box tune shifting is 100% better the power gain is just ridiculous compared to the MPT. SSI has the Eco tunes down pat you guys are the best in the business no questions about it. Very very happy with the product will recommend you guys to everybody!! Thank you very much!”

-Josh, WI

“I got my 2015 F150 Ecoboost early in ’15 and was looking for a tune right away. The first tune I got was a 5 Star tune. It was okay and a little better improvement over stock but wasn’t anything close to brag about. Then I went with Unleashed tuning and was about the same even after many revisions. So still not satisfied I then reached out to MPT and it was slightly better than the previous tunes but ran inconsistently and didnt shift very well. I used these 3 others first because of recommendations people posted on a forum I frequently go to. I heard of SSi mentioned before and figured I may as well give them a try in my quest for a good tune. Contacted this guy Shawn and loaded it up. My first impression was ” OH YEAH!”  WE hit pay dirt baby! The SSi Tune not only drives with precision, but the power is just incredible. The shifting reminds me of a cvt drive. Spot on tune with everything and got a solid 2+ mpgs better than stock! All the other tuners were good to deal with but at the end of the day I really only care about results, and the best results by a huge margin is exactly what SSi delivered. Expectations exceeded!  

Thank You Shawn. -Josh, TX

“I would like to make an unbiased comparison between the LMS tunes I have had for almost a year and the SSI tunes I have had for a week. MY truck is a 15 3.5 eco. A little background on myself, I am 69 years old and have been into hot rods all my life. The truck is my DD my toy is a 675hp Roush. I played with turbo GMC Typhoon’s for a number of years so I am quite aware of what Turbo chatter sounds like, POV sounds, Flame out, and most important pre ignition. I was told by LMS that my truck could have all of the above wrong with it but not the tune. The pre ignition was not included in there things to check, but a lose turbo was. OK the comparison. LMS 93 Performance Lazy mid throttle, LOUD knock low 2nd gear pull, Engine sounds like it was straining then when boost came up just like marbles in a tin can. 91 performance same as 93. Under full throttle they both ran pretty good. Part throttle sucked. I was forced to put the 93 tow in as I did not get any rattles.

First I have to say I was very reluctant to try the SSI tunes because of all the negative comments I read on a couple of forums. The positive ones won out and I called Shawn Ellis.  I can only comment on the 91SS2, the tow and the 87SS1. The 91 SS2 had great drive-ability and was a lot faster than the LMS 93. The gas pedal was way to touchy for me so I put the tow tune in. The tow was so much quicker I could not believe it. I have always used 93 even with the stock tune. I could not get the engine to rattle. I put he 87 SS1 tune in and I have not tried the 91 or 93. The 87 tune is as quick or quicker than the LMS 93 Performance. The drive-ability is 200 percent better all around. and the biggest plus is no pre ignition .

The only slight problem I encountered was on first start up, the engine ran rough for about 20 seconds. Today first start was fine. I must say after that first 20 seconds it was smooth as silk. Soooo in conclusion I rate the SSI tunes a 10 plus and the LMS tunes a 3. OH my last conversation with LMS I was advised to put the truck back to stock until I could I find out what is wrong with my truck. I have it was their tune.”

-Nick, FL

“Are you kidding me? You got to be fucking kidding? This is what I said to Shawn after loading this 5150 tune. Im from Jersey and we call bullshit on anything that is BS. This tuner certainly is not. Ive been a loyal MPT customer for 2 F150 Ecoboosts now and let me tell ya, its not even close to SSi.  This is hard for me to say but when you are proved wrong ya eat it like a man. It drives so damn perfect and the power is off the hook. I told Shawn if it didn’t live up to the hype Id bust his ass but the only ass that got busted was my mouth and MPT. My truck is what comes first and when it comes down to push come to shove, I have to have the best. SSi gives you just that. Thanks for the great tunes!”

-Chris, NJ

“I bought a tune for my 2015 F150 ecoboost from SSi and I can tell you this is the real deal. I had an LMS tune and it had some quirks with it I didn’t think was right. After several attempts at trying to get them to get it right they always told me it was something wrong on my end.  I asked if I could give them some kind of data and logging info back and they weren’t even open to the idea.  All I got was excuses. Then I saw all those videos of these SSi guys running 12,5s. After getting nowhere with these assholes I bit the bullet and ordered up a new tuner with tunes from Shawn. WOW is all I could say! What a difference. This thing is bad to the fucking bone and drives fucking great. Too damn bad I had to waste a ton of cash to learn who the real tuning pros are. Thanks Shawn”

-Justin, TX

“Saw where SSi posted that his tunes were better than anything out there for a while now. When he offered up a test drive free tune for anyone who had a LET tune on their vehicle I called and had to try it. Amazing difference is all I can say! This  made the other tunes I have feel stock and weak in comparison and drives like a performance vehicle should. Smooth as can be with no turbo laziness and is fast as f-ck! Wish I got this one for my F150 Ecobeast to start with.  I will be a SSi customer for life now. If you haven’t tried one of  Shawn’s tunes you have no idea what you are missing out on. Thank You!”

-Steve, Il

“Shawn never lets me down this new ps tune is the pinnacle of quality. I started out with mpt and then went on to ssi. There really is no comparison. Folks this is a night and day difference. if you want to make the most out of your f150 platform and smoke everyone on the street you need to check out my friend shawn he will treat you right and help you anyway he can. He offers more versatility in his tunes and the customer service is second to none. Just cant say enough very pleased.”

-Shannon, TX

“Yep! I started with SCT Canned 93, noticed a big difference coming from an 05 5.4 F-150 that did not get crap from my Edge tune. Wanted to go Custom and most people at the time told me MPT was better than LMS, Unleashed, 5* and LET so I went with MPT Street 93, even a bigger difference. Then one day I decided to pull the plug on SSI 2 Gen 6 93. It was as big of a difference as going from Stock to Canned, Canned to MPT, MPT to SSI. The Low end on SSI (now I have a PS tune) pulls so much harder than MPT it’s ridiculous lol”

-Jason, FL

“I just wanted to get back to you and say Wow! I loaded the tunes you sent and there is no comparison to the others out there. I have tried mpt and five star and was so disappointed with my 2013 ecoboost F150 . After running your tunes you have given me a new appreciation for this truck.

Thank You!”

-Andy, MN

“Thank you!!!! Shawn Ellis for that outstanding tune! Absolutly a different truck! This is what I have always wanted my truck to feel like! Unleashed tune was pretty off the wall from the get go in all areas of the drivability! SSI tune is crisp, responsive, precise and smooth with a shit load more. I cant say night and day cause ssi tune is far more superior than my previous unleashed. Thank you again Shawn Ellis!”

-Adam, MN

“So, I had Shawn Ellis let me try one of his ssi tunes out and man I gotta say, it’s not even the same car. The sct and the other tunes I’ve tried from his competitors don’t even compare. My third and 4th gear pulls are so much stronger than the other tunes I’ve ran before. I’ve had to have other tunes revised like 5 times before I can use them and it takes days for them to reply. It took one shot and 30 seconds on the phone with Shawn to get my tune. Anyone in  the sho world should at least try his tune. It’s a world of difference.”

-Justyn, WI

“I just changed my tune from Unleashed to S.S.I. on my 2010 SHO and I have to tell you, what an amazing difference! It certainly feels faster than my Corvette now! And, no bad manners! Now…nothing against Torrie and Unleashed, great customer service and a talented tuner, but this new tune from Shawn at SSI really seems more responsive, with no lag, and I don’t get a clunk when I get on it anymore. It just rockets away…. Shawn seems extremely passionate, in a mad scientist kind of way, which really is what all of us motorheads are. It shows in his work and if you haven’t done anything yet, or want to have a fabulous experience with your SHO, drop Shawn Ellis a note, and it’ll be worth every cent you spend. When the spring weather comes, I’ll have to have Shawn write me a new tune for my Corvette! Can’t wait!”

-Greg, KY

“My friend called me and told me SSi had a free SHO tune to compare with someone who already had another tuners custom tune. I have a 2013 SHO with the performance package. All that was required was that I post what I thought comparing to what I already have.  At first I wasn’t going to qualify because I don’t post on forums and am not part of facebook or instagram or any of that stuff. (I see to many people acting like lil bitches out there is why).  After calling and talking with Shawn he sent me the tune anyways. HELL YES! is all I can say.  This is a whole different animal compared to my LET and Unleashed tunes. This thing is so smooth and the power comes on with no effort at every spot of the pedal. No turbo lag was the first thing I liked and the hesitations or dead spots I would always get from my other tunes are all history now. Thank you for tune and I will try and post somewhere. I will also be sending you some $$$ early next week because the tune is FUCKING AMAZING! Bad Ass bro! I will spread the good word anywhere I can.”

-Alex, CA


“I cannot believe how my SRT Challenger runs with your tune. The other company tune I thought was okay but your tuning is on a whole different level. This thing is a beast now and the extra 2 mpgs was a great bonus. Thank you all so much for a killer product. I will recommend you guys to everyone!”

-Pete, PA

“I just got my SSi custom tunes for my 2013 F150 Ecobeast and can surely say my MPT and 5 star tunes are so kicked to the curb. This thing finally runs like a fine tuned well oiled machine with no bullshit. I only wish I found out about you all sooner. Its the best of all worlds. Thanks!

-Dylan, TX

“HUGE thank you to Shawn Ellis for providing an awesome set of tunes for my 2015 F150 2.7 Ecoboost! I purchased a SCT Livewire with 5Star 87 and 91 economy tunes as well as a 93 performance tune. I run 93 so I installed the performance tune and it didn’t seem right at all. On cold starts, the idle wouldn’t come out of the cold strategy until put into drive, the power was good from a 0-70mph stab though. After driving for a while to see the rest of the tune, I noticed that the driveability wasn’t quite right. The only real power was in 3rd gear only, shifting was so-so, highway speeds(70mph here in Michigan) the truck ate up the fuel! Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with it, I could tell it was a dyno tune. So I did some research and found Southern Speed Inc., watched the vids(very impressive!) and read the testimonials, almost everyone was raving about Shawns tunes(I was a master Ford tech for 15 years so I know you can’t please them all). I decided to call him and man what a nice honest guy! He went through his background and how he does his tunes differently than the rest, I was convinced, he sent over the SSI1 and SSI2 tunes for me, I installed them, took it for a ride….WOAH!!! TOTALLY different truck! It now feels like a diesel with a cvt style transmission. PERFECT! That’s what it should feel like! Same 0-70 launch is very impressive, driveability is spot on, cold strategy works like it should, fuel mileage is as better than stock! Ultimate package! I’m here to say, this guy is the real deal! Thanks again Shawn Ellis! I work with a lot of people (Ford Sterling Axle Plant) who drive these trucks and I will be raving about this at work! I can’t help it, the truck is now AWESOME!!!”

-Keith, MI

“2014 SHO owner here and after seeing some really positive reviews at the end of the year I decided to go with SSi. Impressive doesn’t even describe how this car runs now. I have LMS and Unleashed tuning as well. Started with LMS because they are local to me.  They were okay as it just didn’t do much of anything until you mash the pedal. It was an improvement over stock but I thought it could be better. Nothing to write home about.  Then I went with Unleashed and it was better at part throttle and good at wide open but always had  intermittent stumble and hesitations that they couldn’t ever get worked out. It really didn’t boost launch well and fell on its face most of the time. With the SSi tune it is all round a really cool kick ass tune. Normal driving the power is there with almost zero turbo lag and ready to go at the drop of a hat. This things pulls damn hard all the way thru the power band without any hiccups or hesitations. If you are anything like me you have to love consistency. This is a complete different animal!  Anyone who wants to know who the best is out there you need to look no further. Expectations Exceeded! Thanks guys! “

-Tim, MI

“I’ve had SSI, 5 star, LET, Unleashed tunes and after switching to SSI mid December I’ve deleted all but SSI tunes in my tuner. Shawns tunes are what I was expecting out of all my other tunes, all the other tunes feel like canned tunes compared to his. I wish I went with SSI to begin with and not listened to any of the negative bashing from the other tuners. Shawn took a few extra days to get my tunes to me but he wanted to make sure they were perfect. Some of the other tuners have your tune ready before you put in your credit card info, then you spend the next week and a half waiting for revisions to make things right. Shawn took his time and made sure everything was top notch before sending me anything, this means a lot! If anyone asks me who I suggest for tunes I will always suggest SSI

-Kyle F, Alberta Canada

“One Happy Customer right here! I have a 2015 2.7 F150 Ecoboost and played around with some tunes from 5 Star, MPT, and Unleashed. In my opinion I really didn’t see all that much improvement over stock. Then I saw someone posting about his 2.7 online about his SSi tunes.  After we exchanged some pm’s I contacted Shawn and had to try it. Initial reaction is WOW!  There is absolutely no comparison in the quality of the tuning. Not only the power of the tune but the daily driving characteristics is fantastic. Perfect shifting and smooth as silk. I really like that the turbo lag is just about gone too.  I don’t race my truck so the driving manners are the most important thing to me. I am so glad I didn’t settle for “this is as good as it gets” responses from these other tuners. You guys are clearly the Ecoboost Kings! Very well done sirs. Thank You Again!”

-Steve, CA

“On November 13th 2015 I picked up my brand new 2015 f150 ecoboost. I loved it. Driving around stock was nice and all but coming from a mid 11 second bmw I knew it wasnt going to last long. So 1 week later i ordered my sct x4 with 5 star tuning. I got there 93 performance tune. I definetley felt a difference, that ran a [email protected]. I thought that wasnt too bad for a stock 5000lb truck with a canned tune. But i wanted more!! So i went to LET to make it even faster… what a mistake that was… not only was it like pulling teeth to get in touch with erick. And 4 revisions later I actually went SLOWER then the canned 5 star tune!!! [email protected]. Finally i decided to give 1 more tuner a chance. So i went to Shawn at SSi and i couldnt be happier. On the very first tune he sent me i was faster then my previous tunes.  Now i have the PS tune and im running 12.5-12.6@ 106mph all day. This thing is a beast!!! Shawn at SSi is hands down the best in the business!!”

-Kris, NY

“Jumped on a Christmas sale SSi had just before the holidays. Now I can see what their customers all rave about.  Previously I have tried Unleashed, 5 Star, and MPT on my 2013 F150 Ecoboost.  They were ok but I would call them all “starter” tunes as they all had certain driving issues that was annoying to me like walking around with pebbles in your shoes. Not any of that with the tunes from Shawn. These SSi tunes are really smooth, predictable, and strong. It is perfect with the whole power band from the tip in of throttle to the top of wide open throttle. Shawn was easy to talk to, real knowledgeable, and a straight shooter.  I only wish I had came to you guys first. Anybody wondering where to go to get some quality tuning look no further. Thank you for a great product!”

-Blake, LA

“I have a 2013 SHO and have had both Livernois & Unleashed tuning on it. They were okay however neither one of them really made the car feel all that special. I saw all this hype and great reviews about Shawn at SSi with his tuning so I just had to try it. The only thing I can say is IT IS NO HYPE! This is the real deal right here. Night and day difference compared to the others and I couldn’t be happier. F’n Fantastic!  Great predictable, repeatable, linear power with the best street manners you could ask for. My wife even commented how great that thing drives and asks to drive it all the time now. I cant say enough great things about this tune other than I wish I didn’t wait so long to try it.”

– Corey L,  TX

“All I can say is job well done!! To say my 2015 Explorer Sport is amazing is simply an understatement.  After I saw your customer run a 13.16 bone stock and it was his wifes vehicle I had to try it. I wish I didn’t waste my money on these other tuners but live and learn I guess. If you aren’t driving one of these tunes you don’t know what good really is. I mean GREAT! Again a Big Thank You to Shawn  for an amazing product and you are truly a master of his craft.”

– Mark S, PA

“This tune blows all Tuning competitors out of the water, and I’ve tried them all. I don’t know what these people with negative comments are talking about. My experience with Shawn Ellis and ssi has been superb. Hands down best tuner I have ever worked with. My mustang is a completely different animal now, its hard to believe a bone stock  boosted mustang could be this fast. Throttle response is amazing, shifts perfectly and smooth, and gas mpg actually went from 24.6 avg to 28.2 on Shawn’s tune. My 0-60 time went from 5.8 sec on another tuners tune to 5.2 on ssi tune and the roads were slick. Even with bad launch, I picked up over a half second. This man is a Tuning over lord, I’ll never use anybody else. Ssi rules Tuning world and Shawn Ellis is the best, hands down. If you want a fast, powerful truck or car, do not waste your time or money shopping around. Give ssi, Shawn Ellis a call. Ssi will blow you away. I meant every word brother. Your badass!

– John I,  Ohio

“So for 3 years I’ve been a pretty devoted Unleashed Tuning customer. I’ve always been satisfied with Torrie’s tunes and customer service. I thought my SHO hauled ass for what it was. I recently bought a 15 F150 (after seeing what Omar did with his I couldn’t resist). Omar referred me to Shawn for my F150 tune. Well after looking at shawn’s site I see he’s tuning SHO’s. What better way to gauge a tuner than have him send me a tune for the SHO? I’ve been driving it with Unleashed’s tune for years. I’m very familiar with it. Well I loaded Shawn’s tune today. All I can say is I’m an SSI believer. This tune skull fucks any tune from Torrie. I’m thoroughly impressed. The car is an animal!! And I’m on the stock map sensor too! Anyone on the fence wondering if they should get a tune from SSI, don’t hesitate. It’s the shit. I can’t fucking wait to get my truck tuned now!!!!”

– Damon D, LA

“I have been Custom tuned before by 5 Star, and MPT prior to finding SSI. Please keep in mind that every truck will react a little different running any custom tune. These are from my personal experience from my 14 F-150 5.0 SCREW 5 Star- (GOOD) touchy throttle at first but you get used to it. Shifting was smooth and firm and had a very close 1st to 2nd shift when under part to half throttle. Had a tune revision on it shifting too soon, it was better but still really wouldn’t let the RPM’s raise up much so the motor would bog down due to short shifting. Also there was no 2nd gear downshift when you would slow for a corner. The truck spent most of its time accelerating out of a turn at 10 MPH in 3rd gear, you give it enough throttle it just jumps to 1st not the driveability for around town. The truck also has a strong sulfur smell or (rotten egg smell) when under load. Rather embarrassing on a brand new truck, the smell was overwhelming. I run 91 Octane ethanol free gas. I tried a couple other gas stations but same result. Switched to a MPT tune and it was gone. MPT- (BETTER) more performance based, had some knock on that initial tune under load, so had to revise that one.  I’m assuming they pulled some timing not sure, reloaded the tune and the knock was gone but did not seem as powerful as the first tune. Shifting was nice at WOT but a bit sloppy for around town. 1st to 2nd shift was still a little too soon for my liking under part throttle and on a cold tranny, first drive of the day first shift into 3rd pulling out of the neighborhood, my truck would dive forward then buck you back when hitting 3rd. I didin’t like how hard it would hit. It wouldn’t do it the rest of the day, just the first shift into 3rd of the day. With the MPT tune I had no control over my SCT X4 tuner to change shift pressures. I was only able to load the tune and adjust the TPM psi ranges. SSI- (BEST) performance based with excellent around town driveability. I have the SSI1 and SSI2 tunes. I like them both but lean more towards the SSI2. I do have control over my x4 tuner so I can add or subtract shift pressures if needed. The truck pulls hard low mid and top range. The mid range is nice because I don’t have to wind the truck up to 6,500 rpm’s to get this heavy truck moving. Every gear shifts very smooth and direct. My only draw back is the truck itself. It is a peg leg and traction is an issue. Traction control can only due so much and cuts power to the motor. My next addition will be a tru-trac detroit locker, so I can put power down with both tires. Overall I like the SSI tunes over my previous tunes. It’s what suites me the best. Shawn is a stand up guy and personally called me less than an hour after I bought the tune. I was not expecting that. I called him back a couple of times throughout the day and he always had the time to take my call to help me out. To me that establishes a professional relationship, something you just don’t get through e-mail alone through my (other) experiences. My hat is off to you Shawn. Thank you for your hard work and dedication that provides us with many happy miles hittin the skinny pedal.

-Doug, ID

“Well it all started off when I brought my 2015 Ecoboost truck home. All though faster than my 08 5.4 just still was acting like a slug. First I called Shawn and the tune wasn’t ready yet. So I ordered tunes from Erick at let first. Def better than stock but was slower than the canned tune. When I contacted Erick about tailoring the tune to my taste he flat out ignored me unless I wanted to buy performance parts. Then I went to mike @5 star he and someone else that works there were both giving me different hp and torque gain numbers but I was a little desperate and bought a tune. It was okay to say the least. Def a step above Erick but was reading a +9.99 on knock sensor with cruise control set. Talked to mike about it and he told me that’s what he has. No tailoring. So fuck him too. Then I talked to Torrie he said he would tailor the tune and let me datalog all I could to get the most power. So I said cool. I ran 22 revisions from him and was farely impressed at wot running a peak boost pressure of 21lbs. But still didn’t have that badass low end turbos kicking spooling  growling at a moments notice like I experienced in cdawgs truck. So then I pestered Shawn about letting my log for him because I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I wanted more power! I couldn’t leave it be. He agreed so the races were off. After doing a ton of work we finally have a ssi1 and ssi2 in the bag! I am def proud and happy to say I have spent way to much on tunes when I could of just went straight to the source from the begging. I am running some big tires on my truck and it will smoke them off like they are small stock tires. The boost comes on so fast it pins my head back in the seat being the driver. I am impressed with the tuning and the drivability of the vehicle overall. The truck looks to get into a higher gear when driving normal and still has tons of power. Thanks for all the help Shawn I appreciate it”


“After having several SSI tunes over a 3yr span for my 13. Why would I not want to see what Shawn could do on my 15.  Called up got a killer deal on the X4 from Shawn and was shipped out fast. After waiting for SCT to get strategies figured out and that felt like forever. Could not even load a canned tune till till SCT got it figured out. As soon they were done I had my 1st tune in minutes from Shawn. Big difference from stock but not yet running like my 13. After a few conversations and 2 data logs about what I wanted and how the truck was performing the Magic appeared. 

There is No Doubt with this new tune I made the right decision. My 15 rips the tires off with traction control on and running 87 octane. Shawn thanks for the hard work,understanding,blunt conversations and for not selling me a tune that was weak and barley better than stock I know most tuning companies would.  #SSI4Life”

– Mike H, NE

 “I just wanna say shawn has been an awesome guy to work with. Willing to help and get shit done so to speak. I use my F150 ecoboost as heavy sweep in most of the local rally races. I worked with shawn to figure some things out tune wise and he delivered on the tune for it BIG TIME !!! Truck had just the correct amount of power for drifting the corners but yet smooth enough to keep me well in control. And just flat out haul ass!! Bottom line ssi tunes kick some serious ass!!!!  And shawn is always willing to help get you what you are looking for In a tune! Second to no one, best tunes out!”

– Shane, MN

“Hey Shawn, I learned of you from your eloquent posts on Ecoboost performance section on FB.  I run a Ford store and in last 4 years have owned a F150, Fusion, and now SHO all with ecoboosts. I have run tunes from MPT, 5Star, James Gordon, and now Unleashed. Installed, but could only do short fn’ drive! Had in sport at first, jumped so hard I couldn’t believe it! In drive it is stupid fast, even my wife was like WTF? Lol

Tomorrow I have a half hour drive in the country, and will let you know details!!!! I never really got to giver’. I promise you will get a play by play by lunch tomorrow! All I can say is that it idles way better, has zero stumble off idle, and boosts instantly. Then tomorrow afternoon after I have driven for 50 or so miles, I will do a data log and send your way! If you want a particular set of parameters logged, send me the configuration you want. Thanks brother”

“Okay! Since I was mourning with Romo getting killed, I didn’t call. This tune is stupid fast!! Had buddy drive it this morning and said it was a bigger jump than stock to earlier tune!!! I will find time soon to log, but if there is meat left on the bone still, holy shit!”

– Tony D

“I have 2015 f150 3.5 ecoboost that I had tuned at 5startuning before SSI and let’s just say the other tune felt stock compared to this one! The throttle response doesn’t feel laggy anymore and it shifts perfect! I also before purchase enquired about tune and they answered me back quickly and with alot of information about there service. I would definitely recommend them for the highest quality tunes I have ever had and I have used 4 different tuners. They have my business from now on!  “


“Hell Yeah! It was everything you said it would be and more. I really don’t know what else to say other than your tunes completely blow away all of the competition!. I know because I  always want the best and have had them all. 5 Star, LMS, MPT, and Unleashed and they arent even in your league. The best driving, power, and shifting all wrapped up in one tune. This thing hauls ass and even got 2.5 mpgs better! This is how the truck should have came from the factory and I cant thank you enough for your work. My wife accuses me for looking for any excuse to drive my truck and shes right. Haha. Thanks Again!”

– Clint  TX

“I have had numerous tuned vehicles in the past. From gas engines to turbo diesels. And now the Ecoboost twin turbo gas engine. I had a previous tune in my truck and was not really satisfied. So I read around and found and heard about Southern Speed Inc. and all the amazing things they have been doing with the Ecoboost F 150. So I called them up and was amazed at the confidence and knowledge they have from tuning to performance upgrades. So I placed my order and it showed up a day before it said it would which is great. Load up the tune and was blown away my truck came alive. I was blown away in how much more power and better drivability Southern Speed Inc. got out of my truck. Thank you guys from Southern Speed Inc. for making my truck a beast. The best money I have spent on it hands down!”

– James

“I’ve been with Shawn from early on, this is my third truck he’s tuned.  My last truck, (’12 Ecoboost), was as far as I know the first one to break 100 in the quarter.  He has always been emphatic about getting the tunes right & to what I wanted.  Since I drag race besides using the truck for hauling firewood & dirt bikes, the race tunes have been what we’ve concentrated on.  I have had absolutely no problems communicating with Shawn on what I want or need.  No arguments or drama!  If that happens, I feel the problem is with the customer.  Since I’m a dinosaur & not up on all the modern stuff, he’s had occasions to sound off on me, but it’s never happened.  I thank you for that Shawn & for giving me a “farm truck” that will already run in the 12.50s.  So much fun to slap it on some of the competition during the heads-up time runs even.  Looking forward to this next season!”

-Doug, CA

“Oh my god man. You tunes are killer. I can’t believe how much power and torque you gave this truck and be able to keep it that smooth. You need quit telling these tune increase fuel mileage because they won’t be able to keep their foot out of it. I will be telling everyone about you. If by some miracle you improve on these tunes let me know because I won’t hesitate to get it. Thanks for making an awesome product.”

– Jamie

“So, I have a 2011 F150 Raptor with a 6.2.  Bought it new in 2011 and it has 30,000 miles.  Done many mods, mid perch, suspension, rims, etc…..Today, I finally was able to see what it can really do.  Put a CAI in it and liked it, and then ………today got it tuned…………WOW!!!!!!!! Not just WOW but, when I was driving home, punched it and said out loud to myself “HOLY S$%*!!!!!!”  I can’t believe I waited to put a tune on my truck.  I was absolutely amazed at the difference.  My truck is my daily driver, drive to work, the grocery store, to the beach to surf, and get the kids to school.  I do however beat the crap out of it on a regular basis at Glamis, the river, Johnson valley, red rock canyon, ocotillo wells, and anywhere else our adventures take us.  I thought it was great, but man I was wrong.  Until you get a tune you have no idea what potential these trucks have.  Can’t wait to get it out in the desert and let it run….I want to say thanks to Shawn Ellis at Southern Speed for setting my tune up, he is the man if you need a tune and I give my recommendation 100%.  Also, wanna give some props to Joe Jr. at Superior Automotive Engineering for helping me as well.  I can’t say enough about my experience, the customer service was spot on, and I am very happy with my experience.”

– William  aka HBRaptor

“I tried most every tune before yours and have to say that finally someone got it right!! .I had LMS tune for a while and even though the wide open throttle was okay the drive ability was horrible. The shifting was atrocious and lazy as hell. I believe at part throttle it was worse than stock. You have schooled them as they aren’t even in the same league is an understatement. Thank you all for making this truck all it can be. I am retired military and am used to getting the job done. You sirs have done just that and got me 2 mpgs to boot. Thank you again.”


 “Long story short, I got my panties in a wad about some things that happened back in January and I called it quits on SSI tunes.  I tried some other tunes and even went back stock for awhile.  I still lurked around the forums and checked up on what was happening.  Saw the changes that Shawn was making and heard the buzz on this current version of tunes. Everything was on the up.  I’ll be honest, in the beginning I never planned on running SSi again,  but no ones tunes come close! After seeing how Shawn was working hard to better everything at SSi I knew i wanted back in.  I called Shawn and hoped he didn’t remember me.     Got everything set up for a killer price.  Then his customer service blew me away!  He answered all my dumb questions,(I have a lot!) Crazy fast on getting me the tunes, answered my emails almost instantly, got my revisions within minutes, and now last night he sends me another revision  at 1:30am!    The guys a machine! 

 “Now as for the tunes;  Unbelievable!  I had the T4 version of his older tunes and those were strong but the new revisions are even better.  The power is nice and linear and plenty of it.  This truck just pulls!  The shifting is seamless too.  Nice and firm when you get on it but smooth on light throttle.  As always great air/ fuel.  It’s crazy how Shawn makes these trucks run.  Every other tune I tried just didn’t compare.  I wanted them to at the time but no one came close.  Like I told Shawn, “it’s like comparing filet mignon vs hamburger.”  If you are on the fence on Shawn’s tunes, do it!  You won’t regret it!”

– Josh  TN

“I want to thank you. Your tunes make my truck a joy to drive. Ford should pay you. I’ll buy another Ford because of your talent. I’m not much for social media. Share this if you want to.   I appreciate you my friend!”

– Porter TX

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