How to do a simple TPS Reset or Throttle Position Sensor Reset for Ford Vehicles.

TPS Reset video link below.

TPS Reset for F150

Yes you need to make sure your spark plugs are gapped at .026 before you run any ecoboost custom tunes. You can use the stock eom spark plugs or a heat range colder spark plug.

Click on the link below that explains how to order a programmer with custom tunes or custom tuning only if you already have a programmer.

Ordering Information

This link below shows the first procedure with data logging with SSi Performance.

Data Logging Procedure

The link below show you how o get your .sul file from you SCT / Bully Dog programmer needed to tune your GM vehicle.

GM Custom Tuning Info

Our Custom Tuning

We have street, performance, race, towing, and sand and snow tunes. When ever you order multiple tunes or a tuner with our custom tunes we usually send you a performance tune for what ever octane you have in the vehicle at that moment. 90% of people prefer our performance tunes. All of our tunes have a linear, smooth power delivery, much improved drivability, and MPGs.

Our Street tunes gives you improved pedal response, much improved part throttle, and wide open performance.

Our Performance tune has more aggressive throttle response, part throttle power, wide open power, and crisper shifting.

Our Race Tunes are more aggressive than the performance tunes with much firmer shifting and elevated rpm shifts. We prefer the highest octane possible that we can use or is available in your given area.

Our Tow tunes have a smooth power delivery and are a great Street/Performance Towing Tune. You will see lower engine and transmission temperature, great power delivery, better mpgs, and they will out tow the capacity of most vehicles.

Our Snow / Sand Tunes are setup for limited traction conditions like snow, ice, and sand. Our initial throttle input is mild where you need it down low in the rpm band yet has all the power of our performance tunes at mid range, higher throttle positions and wide open throttle.

The bottom line is we have more control over these tuning platforms than anyone else and we can put it right where you want it from mild to wild.

We don’t have a one size fits all tune because everyone has a different driving style.  We will put it where you want it.

The bottom line is we want the customer happy with what they have. This is just another way we put custom into custom tuning.

Below is a link that explains the process of ordering a programmer with custom tunes or custom tuning only for people who already have a programmer.

Ordering Information

You can easily find your vehicle strategy, axle ratio, and device serial number with the link below.

Ford Custom Tuning Info

There are 2 ways to load a custom tune with SCT products depending upon your programmer. One is with traditional email file transfer and the other is with cloud downloads. It is explained in the link below.

SCT & Bully Dog Device Custom Tuning Support

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