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GM Vehicle Custom Tuning Info

When Custom Tuning with SCT or Bully Dog we need your .SUL File

SCT Device User instructions below.

Bully Dog GT or GT Gas users instructions at the bottom of the page.


SCT Device users-

To find your .SUL file you will simply plug the device into your vehicle and go to “Program Vehicle”, then “Get Stock Tune”. Once the Stock Tune is downloaded you will go o your computer and open the device updater software, You can download the Updater Software from www.sctflash.com website here. Once installed you will plug your device into your computer and open the device updater software. If you are running a canned tune or another custom tune already then you can skip the “Get Stock Tune” and go directly to your computer and download the .SUL file with the Device Updater.


Download Device Updater Software Click Here


Click on “Get Stock Tune File From Device”

get stock tune

Below is a simple video showing how to extract and transfer your .SUL file


It Will Download 2 files to your Computer.

One will be a .bef and a .SUL

We Need that .SUL file emailed to [email protected]


Bully Dog GT or GT Gas Device users-

Bully Dog GT Gas Users click on the word document below to get .sul instructions.

Download Exporting SUL for GM with GT Platinum.docx

Email the .sul file to [email protected]

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