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Ecoboost Racing Videos



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Here are racing videos from our customers including Ecoboost Racing Videos. Feel free to submit any links and we will post them up. Thanks for viewing!

F1150 Ecoboost

Luis Rocha 2015 F150 Ecoboost Record Track Time [email protected]


Hutch May 2018 F150 3.5 runs a [email protected]


Eric Noel 2018 F150 3.5 runs [email protected]


Steven Smith 2014 F150 Ecoboost 11.7@113 Fastest Steel Body 1/4 mile run

Steve Messinger [email protected] Track Run

Steven Messinger Worlds Fastest 4WD F150 Ecoboost Screw Track Run


Ronnie A 11 Second 2017 F150 Ecoboost run in Houston Texas


Shelby L 2018 F150 2.7 Ecoboost runs a 12.61@109


Lisandro G Runs a [email protected] in his 2018 F150 2.7 Ecoboost



Warren J Worlds Fastest Edge Sport 12 Second Video SSi Tuned

Full Version of Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost Record [email protected] mph (half track view) in HD

Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost run [email protected] mph in HD

Victor G [email protected] run in his 2016 F150 3.5 Ecoboost

Worlds Fastest F150 Ecoboost Record [email protected] mph by Jesus G and Luis R (half track view)

David Vogel 2014 F150 Ecoboost (Worlds Fastest 11-14 Super Crew F150 Eco)

Shawn Rehm Worlds Fastest Ecoboost Expedition run of 13.3@99 mph

Michael Byrum 2015 F150 3.5 Ecoboost Super Crew runs a [email protected]

Matthew Drew SHO with 93 octane SSi2 Perf Tune  12.4@109

Jesus G New SHO Record [email protected]

Ron Pudell 4WD F150 2.7  12.9 Run

WORLDS Fastest Ecoboost Expedition Tune Only. Nice 13.5 on 93 octane with one heavy truck!

Stephen Yates Worlds Fastest Lincoln MKS 12.3@111 mph

Josh Kane SHO runs 12.2@112 mph run! Great Job! Not the best quality however you can hear the announcer 12.24@112 at the end.

SSi Tuned F150 Ecoboost vs Unleashed F150 tuned ecoboost. DESTROYED!

WORLDS FASTEST Tune Only SHO on 4/23/2016. – [email protected] on 4/23/2016 – SSi Tune Only.

One of 2015 Ecoboost F150 12.3 runs on 4/23/2016. 12.35@107 mph. SSi custom Tune Only!

Joe Stanley WORLD FASTEST and 1st 2.7 F150 Ecoboost in the 12’s with SSi Tune Only. One of his 12.8’s run. What makes this even more special is its a 2wd on street tires. Awesome!

Dyno pull from our standard SSi2 5150 93 octane tune by Gearheads Performance in Arlington TX. 429 rwhp / 610 ft lbs torque.

SSi SHO vs Unleashed SHO at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado

Ecoboost Mustang runs 12.02 in 4000 DA!  6/11/2016

Omar Girona Bone Stock 2015 Eco F150 4×4 Tune Only / 12.57 run

World Record fastest 2015 F150 Ecoboost run of [email protected] with his second run of 12.43 Included. Bone Stock with SSi Tune only

SSi Tuned SHO on the dyno vs BC Tuned SHO

2015 Ecoboost F150 SSi Tune Only 12.49

Kristian James 2015 F150 Ecoboost runs a [email protected]  with Tune Only. Englishtown on 3/13/16

Stephen Yates 12.4 MKS Track run

Doug MCcay Bone Stock 2015 Eco F150 4×4 Tune Only – [email protected] on 2/15/16

F150 Ecoboost with Tune Only vs Fully Built F250 Diesel

Dyno Tuning a near stock 2008 LS3 Corvette on 91 octane Cali fuel

Speed Society at Oklahoma Street Car Takeover summer of 2015 gets some SSi action. SSi Tune only

Kristian James 5150 tune in his 2015 F150 Ecoboost 0-110 mph run from inside the truck. SSi Tune only

Doug MCcay Bone Stock 2015 Eco F150 4×4 Tune Only  / 12.59 run

Darrin Lynk Bone Stock 2015 Explorer Sport. He would eventually run a world record 13.14 over 104.4 in the next 2 runs. Congrats!

2013 SSi Tune only vs  Modded LMS with Meth. LMS gets DESTROYED! [email protected] mph

SSi Tuned SHO vs LMS Tune….both against same vehicle

Worlds Fastest Tune only 11-14 F150 Ecoboost 12.9.. SSi Tune Only

Jesus Gastelum 2015 Ecoboost F150 with TUNE ONLY Destroys Supercharged Tundra with Slicks

F150 Eco with Tune Only vs Modded F250 in New Tune Only Record run.

Tanner Norris 2012 Ecoboost F150 13.3 run against a Supercharged Tundra on 4/9/2016 in AL

Taylor S having some fun with his SSi Tuned F150

Doug MCCay Bone Stock 2015 Eco F150 4x4Tune Only / 12.64 run

SSi 87 octane 5.0 F150

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