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New Fastest F150 Ecoboost 4WD SCREW Record [email protected] mph by SSi Performance

Congrats to Steven Messinger for his blazing World Record time run last night! Steve Messinger Sets The Fastest F150 Ecoboost 4WD SCREW Record [email protected] mph. One again showcasing SSi Performance Track Domination that has come to be expected from us with most every vehicle we touch. He did this run at Keystone Raceway in Pennsylvania in about 2000 DA. He drove approximately¬†1 hour 50 minutes e...

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SSi Performance customer Warren J sent the first Edge Sport 2.7 into the 12’s!

Worlds Fastest Edge Sport is SSi Performance tuned! Congrats to SSi Customer Warren J for his Worlds Fastest Edge Sport first ever 12 second run! He then ran a 12.90 which broke his first 12 sec ever Edge Sport run of 12.97 and which makes him the man to chase. This once again show cases SSi Performance commitment to excellence. We also try to put our customers in the absolute best position...

Austin 12.54

Congrats to Austin Powell 2nd time at the track with 2016 F150 3.5 runs a 12.54 in 3700 DA!

SSi Customer Austin P new Personal Best Track Time. Austin sure made the best of horrible DA and ran a [email protected]. Great run for his limited experience at the track. He sure will put down some incredible numbers when the cooler air gets here in the fall. Well done!

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Eric & Tracy Noels 2017 Fusion Sport Runs a [email protected] with SSi Performance Tune Only! Video and Slips Inside

Congrats to the SSi Customers Eric and Tracey Noels first time at the track with their 2017 Fusion Sport 2.7. Although the weather was a poor 3000 DA they still managed a great run with 93 octane and SSi Performance Tune Only. They should be able to knock off at least .3 to .4 with decent air and fuel. We believe this to be the fastest Fusion Sport to date. Additionally with some tune revision...

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