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Come on over to SSI Performance. Halloween Sale! 15% off Tunes and Programmers with Custom Tunes.

Halloween Tuning Special! Here is a chance to get in on the best tuning on the planet and with a 15% savings on all Custom Tunes and Programmers with Custom Tunes. At Checkout Enter in Coupon Code-   Halloween Welcome to the Dark Side!

12.75 Tremor

New Stock Turbo 2013 F150 Ecoboost F150 record time [email protected]. Video Inside!

Congrats goes out to Doicus Ray for his amazing 1/4 mile run in his SSi Performance Tuned Tremor. This is a New Stock Turbo 2013 F150 Ecoboost record time [email protected] for anyone who doesn't keep up with racing stats.  Doicus has proved the steel body Ecoboost can still hang tough with the newer lightweight 15 up F150s.  He did this run with just down pipes and E30 / 93 octane blend tune and...

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SSi Performance sets New Colorado SHO Fastest Record [email protected]

Congrats to Zack H for setting the new Fastest Colorado SHO mark. Zack went out and ran a blazing time in Colorado in 8500 DA show casing SSi Performance Tuning.  We are looking forward to him running lower 12s in some cooler weather this fall. Great Job!!

11 sec fastest F150 eco

Steve Messinger New Record F150 Ecoboost run! [email protected] mph. Video Inside

Congrats to Steve Messinger on his New Record F150 Ecoboost run! This makes him the Fastest F150 Ecoboost in the land. Steve broke his personal best track time of 11.95 with a blazing 11.76 run in his 2015 F150 SCREW 4wd.  The video link isnt of the best quality however you can hear the announcer and the end of the video say his time. Great run and congrats Steve! [wpdevart_youtube]-cpisXqf...

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