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Daniel Martin sets record inn his 2016 F150 2.7 4wd SCREW Friday Night with a [email protected]

SSi Performance Customer Runs World Record 4wd SCREW F150 Ecoboost 2.7 Track Time. Congrats to Daniel Martin with his F150 4wd 2.7 SCREW went a new personal best of [email protected]. Not only was this his personl best but he set the Worlds Fastest Ecboost 2.7 4wd Screw 1/4 mile time.  Very Nice!


Warren Jenkins sets new Fastest Edge Sport 1/4 mile time record with a [email protected] Tune Only.

Congrats go out to Warren Jenkins...New Edge Sport Fastest 1/4 Mile Record run of [email protected]. The best part is he was racing in horrible weather  of 3000 plus DA with SSi Performance Tune Only. Nice work Warren!

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Michael Byrum runs a [email protected] in 2300 plus DA with his 2016 4WD F150 Ecoboost Super Crew 4 Door

SSi Performance Customer Michael Byrum new personal best track time. Michael Byrum runs a STUD 12.40 flat in 2300 plus DA with his 2016 F150 4WD F150 Ecoboost Super Crew 4 Door with SSi Tune. Great Job!

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Ron Pudell sets Fastest F150 2.7 4WD Record with12.94@102 with SSi Performance tune only. Video Inside with slip and pics.

A Huge congrats go out to Ron Pudell today with an outstanding 12.94@102 mph run in Atlanta. The best part was he did this in DA conditions of around 2600-3000. This makes him the fastest 4wd F150 2.7 in the land. Nice Job!

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