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Ron Pudell sets Fastest F150 2.7 4WD Record with12.94@102 with SSi Performance tune only. Video Inside with slip and pics.

A Huge congrats go out to Ron Pudell today with an outstanding 12.94@102 mph run in Atlanta. The best part was he did this in DA conditions of around 2600-3000. This makes him the fastest 4wd F150 2.7 in the land. Nice Job!

Rich McGrath 12.53@109.88

Rich McGrath sets Fastest Ecoboost Record in Colorado [email protected] … In 7400 Plus DA! Video Inside

The Fastest Taurus SHO Ecoboost Record Colorado is Rich McGrath who just ran a [email protected] mph. SSi Customer Rich McGrath Taurus SHO going down the strip, 12.53 @ 109.88 MPH. DA at aprrox. 7400. His Mods: reworked stock turbos, 3 bar MAP, downpipes, high-flow cats, cat-back exhaust, SSI Tuned. Well Done Rich!!  Congrats!! [wpdevart_youtube]hX2SIeu4aQA[/wpdevart_youtube]

13.26 Edge Sport

Congrats to Warren J for the [email protected] run last night. The Fastest Edge Sport to date…..Pics Inside

A big Congrats goes out to Warren J for the [email protected] run last night. The Fastest Edge Sport to date and a great run for the first time having his Edge Sport to the track.  Well Done!    

LMS vs SSi SHO Runs

SSi vs LMS SHO Down! Customer compares 93 octane performance tunes from LMS and SSi at the track. Results inside with Video

SSi vs LMS SHO Down! Here are the slips and the video. Matt Drew ran his SHO with both out of the box performance tunes.  Same car, same track, same day for an apples to apples real world results. Typical SSi Performance domination by 4 tenths with his 12.4 run video. [wpdevart_youtube]-c9nqxn2Bnw[/wpdevart_youtube]

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