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SSi Truck

Steven Smith sets Steel Body F150 Ecoboost Record with [email protected] Run. Video Inside!

Here is a video of Steven Smith record breaking Steel Body F150 Ecoboost track time. What make this even more special was he drove 800 miles one way from El Paso to Edinburg Texas and ran the same day. Congrats again Steven and what a way to show case SSi Performance Tuning with SCT Advantage Custom Tuning Software. History was made with the first steel body F150 Ecoboost ever to run in the 11'...

11.7 run

The first 11-14 Steel Body F150 Ecoboost in the 11s is Steven Smith SSi Tuned! 11.7@113 Slip Inside!

The first 11-14 Steel Body F150 Ecoboost in the 11s is Steven Smith and is SSi Tuned! 11.7@113 Steven drove almost 800 miles from El Paso to Edinburg Texas to race Friday. He was rewarded with the Fastest ever and first Steel Body F150 Ecoboost to crack the 11s. 1900 DA. Congrats Steven! You just made history. SSi Performance tuned with SCT Advantage Custom Tuning Software.   &nb...

dyno compare

Stock C6 Z06, with TPS Motorpsorts Long Tubes, with AFE Intake and SCT Custom Tuning. The best runs with each one. Video Inside.

These are the final results with testing products on our C6 Z06. These were with TPS Motorsports Long Tube Headers, AFE Intake, and SCT Custom Tuning. We did 2 runs bone stock, 2 runs with bolting on the TPS Motorsport Headers, then custom tuning with a AFE Intake  using SCT Custom Tuning software. The dyno sheet is the best of each run and are we are very pleased with the results. A Special ...

Brian's truck

Brian H 2016 F150 3.5 Ecoboost 4WD Super Crew Tears off a [email protected]. Slip Inside

A Huge Congrats goes out Brian for a new personal best track time Racing his F150 Ecoboost! Brian got a chance to run our new TD 1116 tune revision and he maade the best of it with a new personal best of [email protected]. His previous best was a 12.45@106 so this really shows us what our racing customers can expect with these new tunes. He uses his truck mainly as a daily driver and tows often so...

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