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Steven Smith Steel Body F150 Ecoboost World Record run getting attention.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts noting this record breaking accomplishment with RAS Suspension artcle. Here is their article with a list of his sponsors and a modifications on that record 11.7@113 run. What makes this even more special was he drove 800 miles and then raced that truck the same day. He then made the 800 mile drive back. Once again congrats to Steven. Well Done!  https://actives...

Ride along in a 2017 F150 5.0 with the latest 130-A Tune Release. Video Inside

Our 130-A Tune release also covers the 2015 and up F150 5.0 Our latest all Ecoboost 130-A Tune release is also carried over to the newer F150 5.0 platform. Ride along with an SSi Customer Austin from a 20 -100 WOT pull with the 130-A 93 octane tune in his 2017 F150 5.0 4WD SCREW. Mods are Intake, tune, and resonator delete. This thing is movin out! Track times coming soon. The part throttle dr...

We have added New Customer Text Support

We have experimented with Customer Text Support and it will be a standard feature moving forward. It has really helped both the Customer and SSi Performance with quick questions, order tracking, status, and basic information. We may be super busy not to be able to take your call or you may not be in the position to call, or have internet availability. It will be at most times much faster than emai...

2018 F150 2.7 Ecoboost Customer puts down 432 hp / 499 trq on Dynojet

SSi Performance customer George P in Puerto Rico decided to take his 2018 F150 2.7 Ecoboost to a dyno.  He knew it was fast and was very pleased with his gains. The total power band or "power under the curve" was excellent with gains of 100 plus in both HP and Trq. His mods are a drop in filter, 170 thermostat, and approximately a 25 to 30% E85 blend of fuel. This was done with just a mail or...

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