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Happy Easter

Happy Easter Sunday Sale from SSi Performance

We would like to wish everyone and their families a  Happy Easter! We have 3 sales going on today. 1 Custom Tune for $95.00  Click Here 2 Custom Tunes for $135.00  Click Here All programmers with custom tunes have a $60.00 off coupon at checkout. Use coupon code-  Easter

Ronnie A

Video of Ronnie A 11.9 2017 F150 Ecoboost Track Run in Houston

Here is a video of Ronnie A and one of his 11 second track runs with his 2017 F150 Ecoboost in Houston   A Special Thanks goes out to Nathan Reyes for getting the video for us while he was at the track. Ronnie just keeps getting faster and faster. We look forward to him bettering his time as the year goes on. Great Job everyone! [wpdevart_youtube]OAFuoug_ptc[/wpdevart_youtube]


Ronnie A Gets his 2017 F150 3.5 Ecoboost into the 11s with [email protected] mph

A big congrats to Ronnie A for getting his F150 3.5 into the 11's with a best of [email protected] mph. Ronnies racing passion and perseverance has paid off for the 71 Year Young Racer.  Hes been knocking on the door to 11's for several weeks now and broke out with a few 11.9 runs with his best of 11.990@ 113.81. Hes running an intake, exhaust, ic, drag radials, and SSi E50 Performance Tune. Well ...

2.7 F150 12.81

Lisandro G first time racing his 2018 F150 2.7 runs a [email protected]

Lisandro G first time racing his truck with SSi Performance gets him a [email protected] What is really great is he literally just bought the truck just a few days ago and had us overnight him the tuner with our custom tunes. He was on our E45 Performance tune and the truck is literally bone stock.  He only got 3 runs in the whole night and his first run was when he arrived with a passenger and sti...

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