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Ronnie A sets new personal best of [email protected] with 2017 F150 3.5 Ecoboost

Congrats to Ronnie for his 12.03 run in his 2017 F150 3.5 Ecoboost! Although the track prep wasnt very good Ronnie made the best of it on his last run of the night.  We look for 11s for sure when ghe gets out next time with some decent track conditions. Wel done indeed Roniie. Keep up the good work!  

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Come see what Ford 5.0 Customers Say about our Custom Tuning.

If you are on Facbook come see what Ford 5.0 customers say about our Custom Tuning. This includes Mustang and F150 5.0 people who have made the switch over to The Tuning Professionals at SSi Performance. Lately we have had a lot of people come over who were tuned with other companies. The comparison, feedback, and testimonials are most excellent. Great linear power, no flat spots, dead spots, or h...

RA 12.17

SSi Customer Ronnie A Runs New Personal Best [email protected] with his 2017 Ecoboost F150

Congrats goes out to 71 Year Young Ronnie Anderson for his new personal best of [email protected] in his 2017 F150 Ecoboost. Ronnie not only had his new personal best time he consistly ran 12.1s thru out the evening. His previous best time was a 12.39 last year. Unfortunately he didnt have anyone to video this time however he should his next time out.  He was running our new 130-A tune that has bee...


Steven Smith Steel Body F150 Ecoboost World Record run getting attention.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts noting this record breaking accomplishment with RAS Suspension artcle. Here is their article with a list of his sponsors and a modifications on that record [email protected] run. What makes this even more special was he drove 800 miles and then raced that truck the same day. He then made the 800 mile drive back. Once again congrats to Steven. Well Done!  https://actives...

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