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Terms and Conditions

SSi Performance Terms, Conditions, Release of Liability, & Non Disclosure

By using any SSi Performance products or service you agree to all of these General Terms and Conditions.

There are NO REFUNDS on any Custom Tuning files for any reason what so ever.

I understand there are NO REFUNDS on any electronic tuning files provided to the customer under any circumstance whether received in person, shipped, emailed, or downloaded. All sales are final and non-refundable. SSi Performance is not liable or responsible for any manufacturers tuning device that may not load a custom tune or have an issue with a custom tune we have provided. It is up to the customer to remedy any and all problems with the manufacturer of the device. This includes not being able to load a custom tune, drivability issues after loading a custom tune, any user adjustable options that do not work with any custom tune, and a vehicle that will not start after loading a custom tune. Tuning files in general consists of intellectual proprietary information that once sold cannot be returned to where it is 100% certain the customer does not have access to or use of it.  Once the customer has access to a SSi Performance tuning file or files the benefits can always be used or enjoyed so I understand without question there are no refunds under any situation or condition. SSi Performance is also not held liable or responsible for any preexisting vehicle conditions or the lack of routine maintenance that could or would cause a tune file to not work properly. There are no time sensitive deadlines in which a tune file is to be completed or delivered to the customer. These files are done and delivered at the workload and pace of SSi Performance. Most tuning files are delivered within a week of the time the custom tuning request form has been submitted to us via the website and sent to us after the purchase has been made. However, with testing and continual improvement we do of our tuning products this time can be extended up to and past 6 additional weeks to ensure the customer has the best updated available product.


If a customer supplies any incorrect information such as an incorrect vehicle file or operating system and the tunes were completed and sent to them they are liable for another completely new purchase. No exceptions. Additionally if they provide any tuning information and their programmer that was not purchased from us and the tunes we completed and supplied is not usable for any reason they are responsible for another new purchase if we have to redo them. That is a completely new and additional purchase. No exceptions.

There are NO REFUNDS on data logging purchased. Once we send you the link and password, we are already educating the customer and that is a nonrefundable even if the customer decides not to use it or does no do it correctly. No Refunds whatsoever for any datalogging.

If a customer cancels any order whether it be custom tuning or any programmer, they will receive store credit for another purchase only. There are NO REFUNDS.

There are NO REFUNDS under any condition on any Spare PCM and Tuning packages for any Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, GM, or Ford vehicles. No exceptions.


Product availability, support for specific vehicle make, model, and year, can change without notice.  Software manufacturer’s routinely add  support or drop support for programmers and vehicles without notification to us. We are not responsible for inaccurate data on this site. The Customer must reach out to us prior to a purchase to insure product and vehicle availability and support.


The customer is solely responsible for any and all packages shipped and left at their residence or any other location on the shipping instructions on any order by UPS, USPS, Fedex, or any other national or international carrier. Tracking is always supplied by the shipper and carrier to the customer. Items left at a residence is solely and completely the responsibility of the customer or buyer.

If the customer requests any modification to a tuning file or requires any adjustment to any tuning file there are no time limitations to when any requests are to be completed. Any request is done at SSi Performance convenience and as our workload dictates and not a customer’s patience level. I understand as a customer there are no such things as a tuning file didn’t load correctly, work well, run correctly, function properly, or any other negative or undesired perceived idea, thought, notion, or excuse that can be used to charge back any purchase. I understand and accept that I cannot charge back any tuning file or files for any reason or excuse. All sales are final.

When any tuning package or multiple tunes are purchased the tunes will be all made for the same vehicle or strategy. If you fail to use any of the number of tunes offered when you purchased your tunes or programmer with tunes you forfeit the additional tunes and they cannot be used for any other vehicle. There is NOT A CARRY OVER to another vehicle other than the one originally purchased for.  This requires a completely new and separate purchase. If a tuning package is already purchased and there has been a strategy change made by any dealer, shop, or individual, then an entire new tuning package will need to be purchased. 1 vehicle and 1 strategy per tune or tuning package, or programmer with custom tunes purchase. No exceptions.

When a custom tune is made by SSi Performance, and a customer has submitted a serial number to a unsupported custom tuning device for their vehicle there are no refunds. It is not SSi Performance responsibility to check supported devices for any given vehicle, model, or year.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure their programmer or device is supported for custom tuning to their vehicle.

There are NO REFUNDS on programmers or any tuning devices. Once an order is placed all sales are final.

If a customer cancels an order before it ships, they understand they will be charged $100.00 for a consultation fee for our extensive time with phone calls, emails, pms, other communications, and questions answered about tuning, aftermarket parts, and other performance related guidance and expertise we have supplied. Some programmers are special orders and can require up to 8 weeks to ship. Once a special order is placed you can request for a cancellation however there will be a mandatory minimum $100.00 restocking and cancellation fee depending on what device that was ordered by any specific manufacturer.


If a customer cancels an order before it ships they understand they will be charged $100.00 for a consultation fee for our extensive time with phone calls, emails, pms, other communications, and questions answered about tuning, aftermarket parts, and other performance related guidance and expertise we have supplied.

Any programmers that are left in our possession by a customer for over 90 days will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of at the expense of the customer.

Under special circumstances a programmer refund may possibly be reviewed on a case by case basis by SSi Performance and will be solely at SSi Performance discretion. If SSi Performance deems any refund on any programmers or other tuning devices, whether it will be a partial or total refund is to be granted, it will be done so within 30 days from a formal written request from the customer and the amount acknowledged and authorized by SSi Performance.  There will be a restocking fee of up to 70% on any and all programmers or tuning devices, including all shipping costs incurred by SSi Performance. Any custom tuning costs associated with a purchase of a programmer or any other tuning device sold with custom tunes will not be refunded. Any customer who initiates a charge back of any type without first written request and then does not follow the written request and acknowledgement of both parties with the time frames listed in these terms and conditions forfeits any and all such refunds. There are No Exceptions.

I understand I must use the Customer Support System on this website for any or all issues I may have as a customer. This includes delivery or status of tuning files or programmers or any other product or service we sell. There are no refunds on any hardware such as any flash devices, chips, or programmers. Additionally, if a customer has any issues whatsoever, they must use our customer support system. This also includes any problems including delivery of a programmer or non-receipt of an email or cloud delivery method to the customer.

If any product purchased from SSi Performance is damaged during shipping or is defective in any way the customer will notify SSi Performance immediately. If the package was damaged during shipping the customer will take pictures of the shipping box prior to opening the box and forward them to SSi Performance using the customer support ticket system or by email with confirmation of receipt.  The customer will then request a RMA number (return authorization number) and ship the product back to the specific address with tracking information. If there is not a RMA request or a tracking number provided by the customer there are NO REFUNDS.

By using any product or service by SSi Performance, The customer is 100% responsible and assumes all liability for any and all situations, actions, or events that may transpire from using any and all products and or services, and understands there is an inherent risk to their person and property. I also understand that SSi Performance is not responsible for any damage or damages, break downs, or component failures that could be assumed or attributed to using any product or service provided by SSi Performance.

I fully understand that modifications to my vehicle in any way can attribute to damage to the vehicle and I the customer or consumer assumes all responsibility.

I understand that SSi Performance will not be held responsible or liable in any form or fashion for any damages whether it be financial, physical, emotional, or of any monetary value. I understand by using any SSi Performance products or services there are inherent risks and ramifications including bodily harm, injury, up to and including loss of life.

I the customer, consumer, or user do agree to assume any and all responsibility and liability that could arise or result from using any product or service provided by either SSi Performance or any and all of its suppliers and manufacturers.

I understand there is an inherent risk to vehicles, person, or property by using any product or service from SSi Performance whether it be by itself or in combination or in conjunction with any other product or service from SSi Performance or any other manufacturers device, hardware, or service provider outside SSi Performance and I accept all responsibility and liability.

I understand that SSi Performance is not the manufacturer of any programming devices or software being used to create any tuning files and dismiss any and all liabilities that could arise by using any SSi Performance sold device or tuning files purchased or provided. This is to include any undesirable or detrimental issues after attempting to or successfully loading any tuning file to any vehicle. This includes any and all vehicles that will not start, have reduced engine power or warnings, vehicles shutting off, or any other issue that can happen using SSi Performance products or services including any and all property damage, emotional or financial suffering, and including loss of life.

Any type of refund we choose to grant is done after 30 days of request if we have put in any type of work, effort, or communication to help any customer. I completely understand as a customer, if I do not comply with any or all of these terms and conditions and at any time initiate a claim, charge back, legal action, or any other remedy or attempt to procure or receive any type of earlier refund, if any refund is granted at all, whether it is a full or partial refund that is granted by SSi Performance, than what is set forth here in our timelines I understand there will be a minimum charge of a $150.00 administrative fee for the inconveniences caused to SSi Performance not including restocking fees.

I understand that if any type of charge back is initiated or attempted by the customer for ANY REASON to include product dissatisfaction and or delayed delivery dates of any product or service will result in a $150.00 administrative fee.  Each subsequent charge back will result in additional $150.00 fee.

I understand that electronic tuning files are generally shipped within a week and can take up to 30 to 60 days from the receipt of the custom tune request form. I also understand that programmers, tuners, or any other hardware ordered are generally shipped within a week and can take up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

In the case of SSi Performance providing tuning files for a vehicle with a new or currently unsupported strategy the customer will supply us with the information we need to give to the software manufacturer. At this point it can be as little as one week to several months for the manufacturer to provide us with their template to make their tuning files. There are no time limitations set forth by the customer and this is done at the manufacturers work pace. There are no refunds based upon the time it takes to receive the working template back from the manufacturer.

In the event I do not receive any tune file, programmer, product or service ordered within 7 business days I will open up a Support Ticket on the web site communicating this issue. I understand this Support System is in place to help the Customer as well as SSi Performance ensure product delivery and customer satisfaction. This customer support system is critical and is required for the customer to use for any issues they may have. I understand it is a mandatory requirement to use the customer support ticket system for any and all issues that could come up.  Failing to do so I automatically release SSi Performance from any claims on any products or services purchased.

I the customer understand that SSi Performance is not responsible for any Cloud based delivery of tuning files because the Cloud is not owned or ran by SSi Performance.  When it comes to electronic files being sent by email or Uploaded To The Cloud I understand if I do not receive any sent email, or cannot locate or download any tuning files from the cloud, I will open a support ticket advising SSi Performance I did not receive it and must then request email delivery of tuning files.  These files will be then be emailed. If there is not a request of an Email delivery of tuning files instead of Cloud Delivery then they will not be emailed and it is acknowledged that the customer has received their tuning files. There are no exceptions to this rule.  I Understand that if I DO NOT OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET,  I AM ACKNOWLEDGING THAT I HAVE RECEIVED ALL ordered merchandise, product, and services.  SSi Performance is not responsible for Cloud delivery of tuning files. Any customer who is not receiving any Cloud based delivery of tuning files who own a BDX, GTX, GT, or any other programmer setup to receive a Cloud based delivery will need to request for an email delivery of tunes. I understand there is no time frame in which these will be delivered however it is usually withing 45 days of a request.


I will abide by and agree to this simple Nondisclosure of SSi performance Intellectual property listed below to include all tuning files, tunes, and data logs.

I the customer understand that tuning files provided by SSi Performance are intellectual property for the customer vehicle use only. Any copying, redistributing, or sharing of any files made by SSi with any software platform or information about tuning files is strictly prohibited. I the customer understand that any copying, sharing, or any other form of redistribution of any tuning files or data logs at anytime whether in private or public to include Forums and any form of Social Media can and will result in litigation and do agree to pay any and all damages up to $250,000.00 that SSi Performance seeks as damages or remedy for any such breach of this agreement. Any public or private display of any tunes, tuning files, or data logs of any SSi Performance tuning files is strictly prohibited and will result in damages of up to $250,000 that was originated by or implied originated property of SSi Performance. I the customer willingly enter into this nondisclosure of anything that SSi Performance deems as SSi Performance intellectual property. I understand this includes any and all files whether it is tuning or data logs designed or constructed by, made, sold, emailed, shipped, or given to any customer by SSi Performance. I fully understand everything here in these terms and conditions and understand the financial damages that will result of non compliance of these terms.

I have read and fully understand everything written here and will comply with everything in these terms and conditions.

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