HP Tuners MPVI 3 with 3 Custom SSi Performance Tunes

HP Tuners MPVI 3 with 3 Custom SSi Performance Tunes



HP Tuners MPV 3 with 2 custom tunes


This HP Tuner MPVI3 Plus Device comes with our industry best SSi Performance Custom Tuning.

 Depending upon your year vehicle additional credits may needed, This does not come with any credits.  This come with 3 SSi Performance Tunes comes with our industry best drivability, power, and mpgs. We do a complete tune right off idle, part throttle, right on through wide open pedal with precision.  These Custom Tunes are head and shoulders above any canned tune or any custom tuning you can purchase.

Once your device has arrived please submit the CUSTOM TUNE REQUEST FORM here

Features include:

MPVI3  module: equipped with enhanced features like Bluetooth, a proprietary expansion port, and mobile device support (the powerful MPVI3 makes it faster, easier to read, edit, and write your vehicle’s software).
VCM Editor, packaged together with MPVI3: provides an easy-to-use graphical interface with hundreds of editable parameters and customizable favorites. VCM Scanner: is a fully featured OBD-II scanning and diagnostic tool that allows you to view, chart, and log data in real time via the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic data port (also view and clear vehicle DTC’s), along with other vehicle module info.
Applications listed are credit-specific (additional credits sold separately).


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