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Jesus G sets new SHO Record. [email protected] with Tune and Bolts-Ons!

Congrats to Jesus for setting a new record at Sacramento on 11/10 with an outstanding [email protected] mph. Colorful video- https://youtu.be/11JHo75eXe8    


Customer does a Dyno Compare with 3 different tuners products for his 2015 SHO

Rich McGrath does his own dyno compare with tunes he has for his 2015 SHO. 91 octane. Since he has all 3 tuners product what better measuring stick could you have? Now you see why he dropped .5 off his best time at the track with a SSi Tune. SSi is Red LMS is Blue Unleashed is Black

2015 F150 Ecoboost dyno pull on 93 octane. Check out Video Inside

Gearheads in Alington Texas does a dyno pull with SSi2 5150 93 octane. 429 hp / 610 ft lbs trq. [wpdevart_youtube]kyz3DE32_3Q[/wpdevart_youtube]

Ecoboost Mustang runs 12.02 in 4000 DA! Video

Frank Gates ran his Ecoboost Mustang in terrible 400 DA on 6/11/2016 and still ran a 11.9 and 12.02! [wpdevart_youtube]prVIEn4QZLE[/wpdevart_youtube]

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