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Congrats to Josh Kane for his best SHO track time to date. 12.24@112 Tune Only!

Great SHO Customer Experience Josh came to SSi Performance after his struggles at the track with his SHO. He had continued disappointments with LMS, Unleashed, and brew city tuning with poor track times.  Not one of them could get him better than 12.9. He then called me and I told him we would do considerably better than those times he was posting up. he then bought our tunes and off he went. ...

Jesus G sets new SHO Record. [email protected] with Tune and Bolts-Ons!

Congrats to Jesus for setting a new record at Sacramento on 11/10 with an outstanding [email protected] mph. Colorful video- https://youtu.be/11JHo75eXe8    


Customer does a Dyno Compare with 3 different tuners products for his 2015 SHO

Rich McGrath does his own dyno compare with tunes he has for his 2015 SHO. 91 octane. Since he has all 3 tuners product what better measuring stick could you have? Now you see why he dropped .5 off his best time at the track with a SSi Tune. SSi is Red LMS is Blue Unleashed is Black

2015 F150 Ecoboost dyno pull on 93 octane. Check out Video Inside

Gearheads in Alington Texas does a dyno pull with SSi2 5150 93 octane. 429 hp / 610 ft lbs trq. [wpdevart_youtube]kyz3DE32_3Q[/wpdevart_youtube]

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