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Southern Speed Inc.

Your Best Choice for all of your Automotive Performance & Tuning needs. DiabloSport Products, SCT, stand alone systems, and support for every tuning platform available.

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    Custom Tuning

    SCT?  Diablo Sport?  Let us help you decide. Read More

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    Truck Performance

    Tuning and Performance for your TRUCK. Read More

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    Nearly EVERY Platform

    Not just a one hit tuner, we do them all. Read More

SCT TUNE ONLY!! Frank AKA 2MNYPROJECTS breaking his TUNE ONLY F150 EcoBoost Worlds Fastest run! 12.997 @103.23 MPH

SCT Custom Tune Only!!  Again another Southern Speed Customers sets the record with a 4WD SCREW EcoF150 ( TUNE ONLY) with a 12.997 @ 103.23 mph. Come see more at  and find out why the absolute best driving, most powerful, fuel efficient tunes come from.  

F150 Tunes Special this weekend! Custom Tunes and Programmers with Custom Tunes.

Now is your chance to have the best tuning available for your F150 at a discount. Nothing is even close to the Drivability, Power, and mpg,s all wrapped up into any tune as you get With Southern Speed Inc Custom Tuning.   F150 Tunes Special this weekend!  2 custom tunes for $125.00 SCT X4 with 2 custom tunes for $439.00 …

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