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SSi Tune Descriptions

SSi Tune Descriptions and Tune File Name meanings

The short version of the tunes we offer would be Street, Performance, Race, Towing, & Snow and Sand.

“Street” – This would be a SSi1 – A mild throttle input for the first 50% of pedal response

“Performance” – This would be a SSi2 – A more aggressive throttle input for the first 50% of the pedal

“Race” – This is a SSi2 and SSi4 Performance input

“Towing” – This uses our SSi1 input however SSi2 is available upon request

“Snow and Sand” – This has its very own throttle input for difficult and limited traction conditions.

A more detailed description of how the tune is sent to you is explained below-

Most people see all these different tune names and wonder what they mean. Here is an easy to way to understand the tunes and their descriptions. Because we have so much more control over the Drive by Wire, Transmission Characteristics, and (Turbos for the Ecoboosts), than any other tuner out there we have several performance tunes to choose from and one to certainly fit everyone. This is what Custom Tuning is.

First lets look at a example of a tune file name –  JamesSmith91octaneSSi2TrumpX3

There are 5 parts of the tune.  Broken down it is like this-    James Smith / 91 Octane / SSi2 /  TrumpX3

1 – Customer name – Obviously this is James Smith

2- 91 octane –  This is the octane of the tune was designed to run with. This one is 91 Octane

(remember that you can run a higher octane fuel with an lower octane tune, but you do not run a higher octane tune with a lower octane fuel)

3- Performance pedal type –  The first designation is SSi1, SSi2, SSi3, or SSi4.

These are based upon throttle -The 2 most popular throttle input types which is a SSi1 and a SSi2.

SSi1 is a bit more easy going throttle input and the SSi2 is a more performance input. 85% of people prefer SSi2. SSi1 and SSi2 are great out the box tunes for anyone. If you have a lifted truck or one with big tires you will want an SSi2. When a customer doesn’t know I always start with an SSi2. Its the crowd favorite.

SSi3 and SSi4  are for the people who want max safest power for 91 and up octanes.  These require a log from the customer for verification.  This is because every truck will tune a little differently and fuel qualities can vary from region to region.  We will not and do not supply a “Race Tune” or “The hottest tune you have” without one. Safety and responsibility are the most important items with us to ensure you have a healthy long running vehicle.

SSi3 is a SSi1 throttle input which is set up for maximized power and SSi4 is a SSi2 throttle input which is set up for maximized power.

Transmission Performance – TS2

SSi has the absolute best transmission performance and shifting characteristics bar none. Our TS2 is the one 99% of everyone likes. It is super smooth from gear to gear and has a crisp, not hard shift, at heavier throttle positions. Its almost like an electric vehicle. You don’t need or want banging or slamming into gear to go fast because it will reduce your transmission life. This is why we have smooth and precise shift scheduling. You see all the videos of the fastest tuned SSi vehicles and they all drive smooth as well.

5- Trump KS

All tune files have an extensions on the end of the tune.  Something like gen 4, gen 9, Rx, XXXSS, PS, Trump, and Trump KS.  We give a new extension or name when ever there has been a proven better revision thru extensive data logging, testing, and customer feedback for many different strategies. This is more for our records to know what tune you have.  We never go backwards in a tune file revision and a 9/1/2018 they are KS tunes.

SSi is known for the best performance and speed but where we really shine is drivability. Part throttle is where you vehicle live at 95% plus of the time. This is where we completely out shine and out class the competition.

Ultimately we will put how the vehicle performs into the customers hands. That is what custom tuning is all about because 1 size doesn’t fit all.

I hope this guide is helpful to all prospective customers

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