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SSi Performance Ecoboost Tuning

Why Choose SSi Performance for your Ecoboost tuning? 

First off we are the only ones with no lag turbo tuning which all customers love. Our drivability is superior to everyone else in every aspect. Off throttle, part throttle performance, wide open power, and mpgs. No flat spots, dead spots, or hesitations. A pure linear pedal and power band all the way throughout. Our shifting is precision and flawless as well. If you want any adjustments we can easily accommodate that too. We have complete control over the competition and it doesn’t take 10 revisions to get it done. You will find that we routinely take their customers and they don’t take ours. Our reviews say it all and that speaks volumes straight from the customer who have had the others tuning.

Our 20 years of tuning experience is unmatched. We are in a league of our own which pay huge dividends for the customer. Many tuning companies sell dyno sheets and we sell real world road load tried and tested performance. However if you matched up our tuning against anyone on a dyno you would see our superior results as well. This is why we also dominate at the race track in the real world environment. Feel free to ask our customers and join our SSi Performance group on Facebook. They mostly all have had everyone’s else’s tunes. There you have it.

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