Remote Data Logging Configuration and Customer Review

Remote Data Logging Configuration and Customer Review



This is a charge for an existing customer who would like to upgrade to a SSi4 custom tune. Maximum Safe Power!

-Designed in regards to the desired power  and performance as unique as your own driving preferences-

There is no substitute for EXPERINCE. When it comes to automotive tuning you do not want to trust your vehicle, your investment, to just anyone. Our many years of proven dyno tuning, street tuning, and track experience is your here for your benefit. There are no substitutes for the knowledge, testing, and situational experiences that comes from almost 20 years in hi performance fuel injection performance.  We have tuned everywhere in the US and worldwide. Our custom tuning supplies you with the best maximized safe programming for your vehicle whether it may be naturally aspirated or forced induction. All of our custom tunes address off throttle, part throttle, wide open throttle, and power under the whole curve. This is complete comprehensive professional tuning. As you all know most tuners address only an aspect or two but this is a reason why all of our customers are extremely satisfied with Southern Speed Inc tunes because it is a complete professional tune. Nothing overlooked or half way done here. We deliver excellence as that is the only way we know.


Remote Data Logging and Customer Review using Team Viewer Software.

Download the free Team Viewer Software here.  https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/

This is for an existing customer who https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/would like to data log any tune file. This includes us remote help with configuration files, review of the data logs and educating the customer on how their vehicle is performing. Our first priority is the health and longevity of your vehicle. Data logging is not absolutely necessary in our basic tunes 98% of the time however for our higher performance or race tunes it is an absolute requirement because we do things safely, accurately, and responsibly.  

Depending on a given situation or circumstances or related to troubleshooting we will determine whether or not that logging is necessary or chargeable. If you are running just fine and are just interested in logging and being educated with electronic tuning and exactly how your vehicle is performing than by all means I suggest to do it. If you log and review outside of us with our tuning know that it will most likely be done and interpreted inaccurately,



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1 for $175.00, 2 for $250.00, 3 for $300.00

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