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How to order:  

      Tuning Devices with custom tunes

      Custom Tuning Only 

The Custom Tune form and how to fill it out:  

      Custom Tune Request Form

      Filling out The Custom Tune Request Form

      Types of Tunes Offered and Descriptions

How to find Vehicle Strategy

      Identifying your vehicle strategy

How to Load A Custom Tune

      Pre Tune Checklist

      Step By Step Instructions on How to Load a Custom Tune to your Device and To Your Vehicle

      Windows Driver Issue Help

      SCT X4 driver install Windows 10

Data Logging 

      Data Logging Explained

      Datalogging Software Download link

     *For Data Logging Config files please email [email protected] or call 562 305 3532

      Items to Configure for Data Logging

      How to Data Log

   *When you data log you submit the logs to [email protected] If there are any further questions and assistance need please call 562 305 3532

Maintenance Items

      Cleaning your MAF  (Mass Air Flow Sensor) – 4.6, 5.0, 5.4, 6.2,

      Cleaning your MAP Sensor  (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor) – 2.7, 3.5

      Gapping Your Spark Plugs   –  This is a Must For Ecoboost Owners 

      TPS Reset-  Throttle Position Reset Procedure

Customer Support –  

      SSi Customer Support Forum –  You Must Be A Registered Member to use this forum. It is not view able to guests and should be one of your first places to use if             you need assistance.

     The SSi Tuning Forum –  There is so much great and useful information everywhere in this forum. You can post any questions you may have and most members are         experienced and willing to help. No such thing as a dumb question here. 


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